Aubergine and Tomato grill.

1 May


Aubergines are:

A great source of vitamin C, K, and B.

They are full of magnesium and phosphorus which makes your bones and teeth stronger.

Full of dietary fibre which promotes weight loss.

I’v always known that aubergines were good for you, just like any other vegetable, but i’v always found it difficult to find a nice way to eat or cook them. You can have an aubergine dip with some cucumber, but apart from that, they are not like lettuce or spinach which you can use straight from the fridge.

But even though it may seem like a big hassle to come up with a dish, it shouldn’t stop us from having these nutritious vegetables and this easy and simple dish is just the key, you can literally make it any time, because it has such little ingredients and it’s also easy to adjust to what you personally like.




Tomato sauce


feta cheese


balsamic vingar

– Spray a pan with some olive oil spray and cut the aubergine in rings, when they are softening, add some cut up tomatoes and tomato sauce. Leave for a few minuets until the aubergines are very soft.


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