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Low fat meatballs and spinach pasta!

31 May

My mum was making meatballs for lunch and so i took it as an opportunity to invent my own healthy recipe using meatballs, something nutritious, filling, and at the same time full of taste!


For one person:

6 meatballs.

1/2 cup of boiled brown pasta

1/2 cup boiled cauliflower

for the sauce:

1 cup chopped spinach

2 small diced tomatoes

basil (i used dried basil because we didn’t have any fresh leaves)


Put the spinach and tomato, with a little bit of water in a pan and over high heat till it becomes soft.  the mixture of spinach and tomato was absolutely delicious, so juicy and soft, i wish i’d done more!

Sprinkle: black pepper, red pepper (if you dare)  and enjoy! IMG_9364



Healthy Smoked Salmon Salad!

29 May



I had two exams on the same day with a 3 hours break in between, and what do i decide to you? run home and make myself a salad. So, in three hours i managed to come home, make my salad, eat it, revise for my exam and go back to school with plenty of time left to spare. This salad is perfect to mix up EVEN if you’re out of time! There’s no excuses for not having a salad!





smoked salmon



baby spinach

half a boiled egg.


you can also feel free to add some dill tips or olive oil in the dressing, but i just used lemon juice.

My life without Facebook: The evolution of Facebook.

26 May

Motivation is what keeps me going. everyday i thrive to accomplish something different. Wether it’s lent and my aim is to go a month without chocolate, or deactivating my Facebook during exam period.

It might be something i’v always wanted to do, but sometimes i just do it, to smell that sweet aroma of success at the ‘finish line’

So, a few weeks ago, i took the opportunity of the upcoming exams as an excuse for me to deactivate me Facebook. Without even a warning, all my pictures were deleted, i disappeared from my friends feeds, it was as if i never existed. The real reason i did it? I’m not exactly sure, but what dawned on me these few weeks was something ONLY this experience could have given me, and i am so glad i went through with it.

Facebook. Something each and every one of us take for granted. I’m not going to blabber on about the advantages and disadvantages because I’m sure each and every one of us knows them like the back of our hand. But what we don’t realize is just how much of our day we spend not only scrolling endlessly through realms of what people did and where people went but also thinking about Facebook, stressing about how many ‘likes’ we get, or who sent us a message on chat.

I am not exaggerating by saying that 50% of this stress, and anxiety just vanished these two weeks. Don’t get me wrong, i love the internet and the social network, i spend a lot of my time on it, seeing as i even have my own blog, but there’s something about this constant need of checking your Facebook 24 hours of the day that got to me. I felt more free, i had so much more free time, when i spoke to my friends there was actually news, new things surprised me, i felt like i was a robot and now i am a human, i know it may seem like i am exaggerating things a little, but it’s really how i feel.

I am a very sociable person, i have people i need to stay in touch with from all-over the globe and so i am one of face book’s ‘worthiest’ users, so, the fact that i feel this way is saying something!

Today, i reactivated my Facebook, as we have a break from exam and this was the original day i was going to reactivate it.

I sat on it for about twenty minuets, putting it plainly, getting shocked at what our society has become, what sort of pictures people post, and just how shallow some people can get. I know these all sound really negative, but the contrast between the two, it made me realize, that people who are constantly on Facebook – basically everyone – will not be able to understand just how much it actually changes and evolves us, forget survival of the fittest, this is the new way we are evolving, and the way i saw it today, it is horrible!

I think i’m going to go with a halfway solution and keep only the friends i need to say in touch with, never sign in through my phone and only use it when i need to.

I really never thought i was going to be one of those annoying ignorant people who moans about Facebook, but it’s the truth.

Facebook may be the worst and best thing that has ever happened to our generation. 

I would LOVE to hear your views on this!


25 May

Thanks to edexcel, this coming week is a “study week” and i can finally have some time to relax and have a life again until the next half of my exams make their appearance (although thankfully, the stressful ones have gone)


With exams bombarding my timetable, and studying taking over every cell of my body, i really didn’t find time to exercise a lot, yes I did do the occasional 50 crunches or squats while reciting my biology notes but the thing i felt i’v neglected the most was jogging!

I have 11 free days before my exams start again and therefore i’m going to give myself a challenge of going jogging every morning. I wanted to share it with you all just so i can feel as if it’s now “official” and i have to do it!

I also wanted to remind you that even if you eat 100% clean, without exercise it will all be for nothing! Moreover, weights, sit-ups and push ups which will all build up great muscle will not help you in loosing fat. Cardio exercises are the secret for the fat to melt off your body, and that’s what i feel i’v been neglecting!

I can’t wait to see the difference at the end of these 2 weeks, but most of all i can’t wait till summer where i’ll be able to go and swim in the sea!

If you can’t find the motivation to go out and exercise, to it with a friend, motivate each other, set yourself aims and deadlines or simply download your favorite music on your i-pod and might find yourself jogging out the door in no time.

And remember, you don’t have to be the fastest, you’re always lapping ahead everyone still sitting on their sofas!

Refreshing and Healthy summer lemon and mint drink!

23 May

There’s nothing better than having a nice glass of lemonade with some fresh mint and ice cubes whilst lying under the sun in the summer. Except for the fact that if you want your lemonade to taste good you need to pile it up with sugar, so? i usually try to avoid having lemonade, or add honey instead of sugar which is a great substitute but still does not taste as good and the calories will still add up!

So, for me, this was a revolutionary discovery, it’s probably going to be what i’m going to be carrying with me to get me through the cyprus summer heat!

1 medium banana

juice of half a lemon

handful of mint leaves

1 1/2 cups of spinach leaves

ice cubes


add ingredients in blender. Simple as that.

nuts for nuts…

21 May

Next to our house there is a little shop that sells nuts, we’ve been living here for nearly 10 years and even though we love nuts as a family, have never gone into this shop!

Finally, i think it was due, me and my dad went to get some almonds. And what we thought would be a 1 minuet trip to the shop ended up being a 30 minuet health lesson.

The owner of the shop, a lovely old man, was, just like me, passionate about everything organic and healthy for our bodies.

All his nuts were unsalted and roasted with no oil, he started explaining to me all the many benefits of nuts as well as whole grains and fresh honey which he personally makes, as if he knew my passion was just like him, to be healthy!!

It became my new favorite destination!

It also became a reminder to me that even though nuts are great snacks as they satisfy you and are full of healthy fats, make sure you read what you’re buying! Don’t let the name fool you, you may be consuming lots of oil or salt without even realizing it!

Herbs and Spices!

19 May

I think that one of the easiest ways to really stick to a diet, is to have everything healthy in moderation and to make your portions smaller. If you try to cut down on things slowly slowly, eventually your body won’t even want or crave these foods anymore.

I never thought it was possible but it really is. Since having lots of small meals boosts up your metabolism, you need to make sure you don’t mount up your plate. This can be really hard, especially if you’re eating with your family and the food is on the table in front of you.

We usually have rice with a lot of things we eat, i started off with eating less rice, by putting less in my plate I automatically felt like i’v finished my meal when my plate becomes empty, if there’s anything extra on my plate I would automatically eat it, so, always put small portions on your plate. Eventually, I got so used to not having rice, I don’t even fancy having it anymore, when having lunch I have much smaller portions and still am satisfied; it’s really helped me as I don’t feel tired after eating or bloated and can go ahead into doing something else straight away.

If you’re having difficulties in maintaining your portions, a great secret is simply adding herbs and spices, wether it’s black pepper or a little bit of chilli or cayenne pepper which melts fat off your stomach, this extra taste added will make you feel satisfied so much quicker.

So help yourself, NEVER starve yourself but slowly teach your body to having more regular meals, keeping your digestive system constantly working and also giving your body plenty of protein and nutrients!

7 Cold Turkey Sandwich ideas

17 May


One of the reasons I love summer, is you never really fancy having big meal. With the warm weather, cold sandwiches, salads and fruits are the only thing I can personally eat. Having small, light meals really helps, i feel less bloated throughout the day, and at the same time don’t feel the need to snack or walk around the house looking for something to nibble on.

This sandwich is perfect for a light lunch, or even for a packed lunch to school, work, or a picnic.

2 slices of brown bread

1 cucumber

1 tomato

1 slice of turkey

light philadelphia cheese

strawberry jam with no added sugar


Just pile the ingredients on your slice of bread and enjoy!


1. apple and raisins

2. pineapple

3. boiled egg

4.avocado and basil

5.pepper and lettuce

6. light philadelphia and mint leaves



Healthy pizza on toast!

15 May

I can never resist a nice piece of toast or a toasted sandwich every now and again, and i don’t have to. By using whole wheat bread and healthy ingredients to top it up, you don’t have to regret enjoying a nice piece of toast for lunch or dinner.

Instead of having pizza and making pizza crust full of dough and butter i use the edges of a whole wheat loaf. My family usually throws these away but for me, the edges are the BEST thing.

So, what delicious ingredients can you add to your pizza?


1 alive of bread

feta cheese



diced tomato



Just mount the ingredients on your base and place in oven for about 10 minuets! It was crunchy and just as delicious as any other pizza.


My story so far…

13 May

Most of my posts are usually about random recipes that i mix up in my everyday life, and this is the main aim of my blog, to share my ideas with other people, to have a community online, a group of people, who help and support each other in their journeys.

So, i want to share a part of my journey. I wouldn’t really call it a turning point, but these past weeks i’v started to realize more and more how the phrase “I’m not on a diet, it’s a lifestyle change” has really become not just something i’m used to saying whenever people make fun of me, but i can honestly say it and mean it 100 per cent. So yes! this is my lifestyle, not craving deep fried foods, not eating too much cake even when i’m on my “free” day, and not eating everything that’s in front of me on the plate has become like a second nature, yes there are obviously times every day where i have to motivate myself and be 100 per cent focused, but it has become a part of my life. Waking up in the morning and working out. I can’t see myself not doing that. in fact, i don’t see how everyone can cope without doing that.

I had a 2 day getaway with my sister on the other side of the island, in a beautiful resort in paphos, cyprus. And i was so encouraged to see so many people waking up, just like me, at 7:30 in the morning before the sun got too deadly and jogged on the beach. It made me realize, i’m not alone, and this truly makes me a happier person, i know that i am healthier, happier and most importantly i am a stronger person as i can really be motivated and set myself goals!