27 Apr



I think the title of this article is probably an oxymoron. seriously. pancakes and healthy can never go in the same sentence together, but when you’re really determined, you can turn ANYTHING into a healthy and nutritious meal.

I don’t know if it’s psychological but i enjoyed these bad boys SOO MUCH, more than I think i would enjoy a normal crepe or pancake, they were thick and chewy and had stronger taste because of the bananas, so let’s get started:


1/2 mashed banana 1/2 slices

sliced straberries


1 egg white

3 tablespoons of milk


Scramble the egg whites and gradually add the milk, add the mashed potatoes and mix well.

Spray a pan with some olive oil spray, and pour the mixture, cover the pan and lower the heat.

Turn the side for both sides to be well cooked, and sprinkle with some cinnamon or honey if you like.


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