RICE CAKE! yay or nay?

21 Apr

If you’d asked me this question about a month ago, I would reply with a big “NO!” without giving it a second thought, but after my long journey with having a healthy lifestyle, keeping it balanced, and doing whatever you can to stop unnecessary cravings and binge eating, My answer to the question is now different.

Although the debates over wether rice cakes are actually considered as healthy or not will still go on for ever probably, it is neither black nor white and i believe that it depends on each individual wether for their own lifestyle it benefits them or not.

For example, if you find it very difficult to go for hours without walking around the kitchen trying to hold something to nibble on, and will end up with a cereal bar or a packet of biscuits in your hands. Then rice cakes are perfect for you, only 17 CALORIES each it will definitely satisfy that “crunchiness” that you need, so I would say – GO FOR IT!

If however, you are trying to find simple, low calories but nutritious snacks, then rice cakes may not be the best choice out there, although they are very low in calorie, they do not offer much nutrition and so it’s better to have 1 oat cookie instead which will supply you with much more benefits, if you know that only 1 can be satisfying.

There’s A lot of different ways you can have rice cakes, by simply eating them plainly, for the least calorie intake. Or spreading some peanut butter or light philadelphia cheese.

I would recommend to stay away from the ready chocolate-covered or flavored rice-cakes as they may be full of sugar and may be high in calorie which take away the whole benefit of these light treats.


One Response to “RICE CAKE! yay or nay?”

  1. work2workouts April 23, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    Whole Foods has some awesome healthy choices with little to no additives or sugars! I say YES for rice cakes 🙂 Please check out work2workouts. Hoping to follow and inspire each other! -Jordana

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