Pepper and Ham sandwich

12 Apr

I’v never really thought of putting peppers in my grilled sandwiches unless i was having a fajita or a taco, but, why not use the sweet taste of this awesome and healthy vegetable to add more life to our sandwiches even if they are not under the title “mexican”


I had this sandwich for breakfast yesterday morning, and didn’t feel hungry till around 4 in the afternoon, so it’s really filling and will prevent you from snacking throughout the day which is a bad habit we ALL fall into once in a while,

You can of course have it cold, but i liked the grilled taste of the pepper and the crunchiness of the toasty bread as well as the melted cheese.

Brown bread

1/2 pepper

ham cut in squares

low fat edam cheese cut in small squares (so it melts quicker)

1 boiled egg white mashed.

Tomato cut in small squares


Place in toaster for about 5 minuets till the cheese has melted, and enjoy 🙂 IMG_9128


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