Sore Throat Home remedy!

6 Apr

IMG-20130331-00584You know that time of year where it slowly starts to feel like summer is on its way, Everyone (me) naturally gets so excited and thinks that it’s a good idea to say farewell to jumpers and coats and hello to shorts. Little did i know, is that it’s still quite chilly and I end up in bed with a sore throat not even able to say “ouch”

So, here’s two remedies i made at home, the morning I woke up, and I can truly say I was back to my normal chatterbox in a matter of minuets!

One of them was given by a friend coincidentally the night before.

Pell a lemon and cut in pieces, drizzle with honey and eat with a spoon. It really opens up your throat, no need to go buy any of those cough drops that, to be completely honest, have a very slight effect!

The second one has the same ingredients but in a “drink” form.

Boil some water and add 2 teaspoon of honey, and cut some pieces of lemon.

Again, sorry for the bad quality pictures, my camera has been borrowed by some friends for an art project. I will get my baby back soon!


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