Lactose Intolerance

4 Apr

It’s been a few days where anytime i have milk or yogurt for breakfast or in the afternoon for a smoothie I get a really bad stomach ache, at first I thought it may just be the cold, but then i started “investigating” I searched online for some symptoms and thought that there’s a possible chance i may be lactose intolerance.

This, for those of you who don’t know, means that the enzymes which usually break down lactose (found in dairy products) is not present anymore, so you can’t digest them. You can become intolerant to a specific food as you grow, so it’s not an allergy, you’re not born with it.

I took some blood tests, for lactose and was glad to say i am not intolerant! yay!

My blood rest results also showed that everything is above average, (which means I am doing something right and my parents can stop nagging me ;p) Except for iron which is just above the borderline, so, expect a new post on how ti increase your iron intake in your diet 🙂

But the whole point of this article is for those people who ARE lactose intolerant. I lived for a few days, not having any diary products  just incase, and living with the possible future of not being able to enjoy parfaits and smoothies as often as i do, Greek yogurt is one of the main foods i intake everyday,wether its a parfait for breakfast or with some chicken for lunch or simply as a dip with some vegetables for snacks!

But, even if you are intolerant, this is really not the end of the road! There is so much you can substitute, and still enjoy all these amazing healthy foods!

There is lactose-free milk which tastes completely normal and will not give you the bad side-effects

SO, if you’re feeling down, or upset; being lactose intolerant will not effect you having a perfectly healthy diet at all! 🙂


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