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Leftover roast salad.

30 Apr



What we’re usually used to making from some leftover roast the day after is a nice roast sandwich, with plenty of butter and bread.

I think making a salad out of leftover roast is perfect because you still get some protein and feel more full rather than just a mixture of greens, it’s a perfect idea for lunch or a light dinner and you’ll be surprised how full you will get from eating even just a little bit.


Peanut-Almond oat cookies

29 Apr


It was officially my last day of school on friday, and having finished mostly everything we need to know for our GCSE’s in most lessons, it’s that time of year where you just go into your lessons and do nothing,

So my awesome literature teacher allowed us to have a “party” and knowing that half my classmates will come with frosted cupcakes and buttery chocolate chip cookies i had to make sure that there was SOMETHING to keep me from snatching those little devils.

And what better than some home-made oat cookies?

The original plan was to make the cookies i had blogged a few weeks ago but we didn’t have any brown sugar and so this recipe was made on the spot, from the top of my head. I was really nervous they wouldn’t come out as perfect as I wanted to, but they were, my favorite oat cookies that i’d done so far, and i’m glad i finally proved to all my classmates that HEALTHY can still make you go YUM!


3 cups oats (powdered in food processor)

1 tablespoon melted butter

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 tablespoon cinamon

1 1/2 tablespoon crushed almond

1 1/2 tablespoons honey

Mix all the ingredients, if you feel it needs to be a little more sticky add a little bit of milk,

Put in oven for around 12 minuets.

And crunch. crunch. crunch.

Crispy Rice cake bites

28 Apr


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

If i was asked to describe this picture i would use:

Delicious, mouth-watering, and scrumptious.

These little treats are so good its almost hard to eat them and feel no regrets because it’s hard to believe that they’re actually HEALTHY!

Forget about mars bars and reese’s peanut butter cups, these are what you should make yourself whenever you need “comfort food”

Spread some rice cakes with peanut butter and your favourate natural/ no sugar jam.


27 Apr



I think the title of this article is probably an oxymoron. seriously. pancakes and healthy can never go in the same sentence together, but when you’re really determined, you can turn ANYTHING into a healthy and nutritious meal.

I don’t know if it’s psychological but i enjoyed these bad boys SOO MUCH, more than I think i would enjoy a normal crepe or pancake, they were thick and chewy and had stronger taste because of the bananas, so let’s get started:


1/2 mashed banana 1/2 slices

sliced straberries


1 egg white

3 tablespoons of milk


Scramble the egg whites and gradually add the milk, add the mashed potatoes and mix well.

Spray a pan with some olive oil spray, and pour the mixture, cover the pan and lower the heat.

Turn the side for both sides to be well cooked, and sprinkle with some cinnamon or honey if you like.

Delicious Apple and Carrot Salad

25 Apr


With summer approaching, salad has been becoming more and more of my daily diet.

So, i’m trying to find more refreshing fruits and veggies to toss up and enjoy!



1 apple

1 carrot

handful of raisins

1/2 lemon juice


My best advice is to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, stock up your fridge with as many fruits and veggies as you can fit, whenever you feel like having something to eat, you can always find the WEIRDEST combination of those and end up making the TASTIEST salad; don’t be afraid to make a change 🙂

Healthy Salmon and Philadelphia Crunchy bites

23 Apr



Smokes Salmon, light philadeplhia cheese, and crunchy lettuce.

What better combination than a healthy dinner or lunch idea?

No carbs, and so filling, you get all the omega-3 you need from the delicious salmon, and don’t have to feel bad about the philadelphia if use some low-fat.

It’s always great when you can substitute bread with lettuce, I like to keep my lettuce in big pieces because it feels like i’m still eating a “sandwich” rather than a salad.

RICE CAKE! yay or nay?

21 Apr

If you’d asked me this question about a month ago, I would reply with a big “NO!” without giving it a second thought, but after my long journey with having a healthy lifestyle, keeping it balanced, and doing whatever you can to stop unnecessary cravings and binge eating, My answer to the question is now different.

Although the debates over wether rice cakes are actually considered as healthy or not will still go on for ever probably, it is neither black nor white and i believe that it depends on each individual wether for their own lifestyle it benefits them or not.

For example, if you find it very difficult to go for hours without walking around the kitchen trying to hold something to nibble on, and will end up with a cereal bar or a packet of biscuits in your hands. Then rice cakes are perfect for you, only 17 CALORIES each it will definitely satisfy that “crunchiness” that you need, so I would say – GO FOR IT!

If however, you are trying to find simple, low calories but nutritious snacks, then rice cakes may not be the best choice out there, although they are very low in calorie, they do not offer much nutrition and so it’s better to have 1 oat cookie instead which will supply you with much more benefits, if you know that only 1 can be satisfying.

There’s A lot of different ways you can have rice cakes, by simply eating them plainly, for the least calorie intake. Or spreading some peanut butter or light philadelphia cheese.

I would recommend to stay away from the ready chocolate-covered or flavored rice-cakes as they may be full of sugar and may be high in calorie which take away the whole benefit of these light treats.

Crabstick Salad

19 Apr


I always try to find new ways to eat my salad, and the best way, i believe, to not get bored of having salad as your main meal wether it’s for lunch or dinner is to always change and mix new ingredients. Our bodies like change and so do our taste buds, so just because your diet needs to include a lot of greens, veggies and mainly SALAD SALAD SALAD, that does not have to mean at the least that your diet is going to be monotonous.






(optional) 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil


Cut up all the ingredients and mix, adding as much as you want, the more greens the better 🙂

A wise friend once told me that by having the salad in a bowl it automatically makes you feel that you’re really having a “proper” meal and so you will be as satisfied as always!


Smoothie at School

16 Apr

With lessons starting at 7:30 every morning, i usually have to get up at around 6 to have enough time to cook breakfast, workout, get ready, and get to school; usually always a few minuets late.

And with summer getting closer and closer, I felt like taking a smoothie to school was the perfect solution and although it’s so simple and nothing super fancy it really excited me.

WHY TAKING A SMOOTHIE TO SCHOOL IS GOOD can hold it around all day and sip on it throughout the day therefore don’t feel the need to snack or buy something unhealthy from the cafeteria

2.)it will give you a boost of energy and is full of healthy fruits or vegetables.

3.)it’s delicious


The smoothie that I took with me was orange and carrots and apple!

it’s nice to have a change everyday to get different nutrients from different fruits but i loved it so much i had it for the rest of the week!! IMG_9137

Healthy Banana Yogurt Muffins

14 Apr

For me cupcakes are probably the hardest thing to try and make more healthy, the softness of it and the way they just rise so smoothly in the oven is something which i think might not be  so successful if you try and make the recipe healthier or alter the ingredients. 

But these gorgeous healthy banana muffins, rose in the oven, they were fluffy and I really didn’t feel like they contained no flour and no sugar or butter! 


2 cups quick oats

1 medium mashed banana

1 cup low fat greek yogurt 

2 egg whites

1 tsp baking soda 


Mix ingredients and place in oven for about 15 minuets! Image