14 Mar

Omelette’s are probably my favorite breakfast to have!

I’v noticed that whenever i have eggs for breakfast, i feel so full throughout the whole day! I don’t look at my watch every few hours during school wondering what’s for lunch! The list of nutrients is endless, eggs are just so good for you!

I try to keep a balance of sometimes eating the yolks as they are full of benefits, but every now and again, have it without the yolk as it is also full of fat!

step 1: scramble the egg using a fork, and add a little bit of milk gradually!

step 2: add some water to your pan to prevent sticking (or use olive oil spray)  and put it on high heat.

step 3: add any vegetables to your egg (tomatoes, cooked spinach, mushrooms) – This time i added half a small banana to two eggs, I didn’t want anything sweet but i wanted that thick texture.

step 4: pour into pan and cover.

after a few minutes I spread some avocado on top and closed the lid again so it can melt a bit.

I also had it with a few chicken pieces.

This was a perfect brunch, i had it at around 12 o’clock, and didn’t feel peckish or hungry till around 6 when i had dinner, I didn’t even think of snacking!




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