Healthy Quiche Lorraine

11 Mar

This must be one of mine and my mum’s favorite dishes!

I love pies. I love spinach. and the mixture of these two to make this revolutionary quiche is amazing!

but, there’s always a but. a normal quiche contains a lot of butter, it’s full of empty calories and although you enjoy every bite of it, why not try something with the same taste just a lot healthier? so i gave it a go.

i needed the basic ingredients that gives the normal quiche its mouth-watering taste.

so, spinach, egg, cheese, and something for a base.


I used whole-wheat tortillas, added some cooked spinach on top, and some grated low-fat edam cheese.

Put in oven for about 15 minuets on 180 degrees, and you have yourself a VERY satisfying, healthy substitute 😀 IMG_8711


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