Healthy Bruschetta’s!

10 Mar

If i want to surprise my family or friends and make them a nice meal to eat, there needs to be a side dish to complement the main dish, and although there’s so many choices and combinations you can come up with depending on what your main meal is, My family is a big fan of bruschetta’s and although they don’t sound very healthy as their usually full of oil and are mainly bread, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not actually the opposite!

Whole wheat french baguette



feta cheese (only a little to sprinkle on top)


1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

The olive oil I use is fresh from the farms, in cyprus, you can nearly smell how “real” and unrefined it is!

Place the baguette with everything on in the oven for about 10 minuets on 180degrees

It comes out crispy yet soft and warm, i think it’s a perfect snack as well, as it easily keeps you full and prevents you from snacking a lot or craving other things, and only a little of it will make you satisfied!

A little bit of olive oil is always good to have to keep our diet balanced, and does wonders for our skin! IMG_8712


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