White bean healthy recipe idea!

5 Mar

Why do white beans have to take so long to cook?

if they didn’t, they might be my breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

There’s so much you can eat it with, different flavors, you can NEVER get bored!

this was the first time, i actually cooked them myself. My mum usually cooks them but not very often as its quite a hassle to keep them in water overnight then boil for about 2 hours or so. But, it was definitely worth it, and i may not go as far as having white beans for breakfast lunch and dinner, it will definitely be a more frequent part of my diet!



1 cup white beans

1/2 avocado

handfull spinach


2 crab sticks


Cook the white beans until they become soft, add the spinach until soft, mash the avocado and cut the crab sticks in small pieces, mix with the white beans and spinach and squeeze some lemon juice!


White beans, are loaded with antioxidants, fiber and protein. They have a low GI which means it prevents craving and feeling hungry after, and you don’t even need that much to fill you up completely!




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