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Tuna Salad!

31 Mar

IMG-20130330-WA004The number one healthy rule when eating tuna:


When i first read this i really was doubtful on the outcome, i didn’t know wether the yogurt was going to have the same effect and taste as the mayo, but i took the risk and i didn’t even notice the difference.









Just a good old simple tuna-salad.

You can add a boiled egg if you want.

I was going to have a tuna-sandwich but the salad has no carbs, and so much less calories, and it keeps you just as full if not more! It takes you more time to eat therefore you feel like you’ve had a proper meal and not just a “sandwich”


Back On track…

30 Mar

I am aware that I haven’t blogged for ages and the only excuse i’m going to bore you with is the fact that it was my birthday and I have been celebrating with family, friends, and more family and more friends!

Birthdays are awesome, apart from feeling special and of course receiving lots of presents, it’s an opportunity for you to have a new aim or resolution. If you’ve completely forgotten about those new year’s resolutions you made when you were perhaps a little tipsy, this is another chance, another turning point to try and do something different, better; with your life!

So, I didn’t really have anything different, just to stay healthy especially with summer so close on the horizon!

And yes, hopefully I will be back on track now with lots of new recipes waiting to be shared with you all soon! πŸ™‚

And Happy Easter!!!



Picnic time dips!

18 Mar


In cyprus on green monday everyone – literally every family on the island goes for a picnic.

It’s the start of the fasting period, and so its a picnic of everything vegan.

It really made me excited to wake up this morning to see all these healthy treats prepared for the day!

Picnics are perfect to get your whole family to eat healthy without even realizing it!

1.) Hummus

you can have it with cut up carrots, peppers and cucumbers or with falafel.

2.)Mutabal (roasted eggplant dip)

this is a Lebanese recipe of roasted eggplants mashed with tahini and yogurt.


Chicken and spinach!

15 Mar

I went to this restaurant a few days ago and had some chicken rolls stuffed with spinach and tomato!

i loved the combination but wanted to make it a little different.

I cooked some chicken breast pieces with a few sprays of olive oil in a pan on high heat.

Make sure the pieces or quite big but thin.

after they’re cooked add some basil and cooked spinach and tomato, then sprinkle some grated low-fat cheese.

close the pan and allow the cheese to melt!Β IMG-20130309-WA002


My camera was not with me and so the picture is not very good quality!

but the dish was out of the ordinary!

the cheese may be a little unhealthy, but as long as it’s low fat, and you don’t put too much of it, this is a very well balanced meal to have for lunch πŸ™‚


14 Mar

Omelette’s are probably my favorite breakfast to have!

I’v noticed that whenever i have eggs for breakfast, i feel so full throughout the whole day! I don’t look at my watch every few hours during school wondering what’s for lunch! The list of nutrients is endless, eggs are just so good for you!

I try to keep a balance of sometimes eating the yolks as they are full of benefits, but every now and again, have it without the yolk as it is also full of fat!

step 1: scramble the egg using a fork, and add a little bit of milk gradually!

step 2: add some water to your pan to prevent sticking (or use olive oil spray) Β and put it on high heat.

step 3: add any vegetables to your egg (tomatoes, cooked spinach, mushrooms) – This time i added half a small banana to two eggs, I didn’t want anything sweet but i wanted that thick texture.

step 4: pour into pan and cover.

after a few minutes I spread some avocado on top and closed the lid again so it can melt a bit.

I also had it with a few chicken pieces.

This was a perfect brunch, i had it at around 12 o’clock, and didn’t feel peckish or hungry till around 6 when i had dinner, I didn’t even think of snacking!

Roast and Cabbage sandwiches!

12 Mar

There’s nothing better than leftover roast from the day before! making roast sandwiches are a great lunch or dinner idea! the roast will give you all the proteins and you can fill the sandwich with salads and greens!

A PERFECT opportunity to eat more vegetables!


1 brown pitta bread


handfull cabbage



When your sandwich is full of vegetables, it also decreases the need to add butter or extra sauces, and that’s the main thing that makes all sandwiches fattening, and they have no benefit whatsoever so the more veggies you add the better!

I added a little bit of BBQ sauce, but make sure you don’t overdo it πŸ™‚


Healthy Quiche Lorraine

11 Mar

This must be one of mine and my mum’s favorite dishes!

I love pies. I love spinach. and the mixture of these two to make this revolutionary quiche is amazing!

but, there’s always a but. a normal quiche contains a lot of butter, it’s full of empty calories and although you enjoy every bite of it, why not try something with the same taste just a lot healthier? so i gave it a go.

i needed the basic ingredients that gives the normal quiche its mouth-watering taste.

so, spinach, egg, cheese, and something for a base.


I used whole-wheat tortillas, added some cooked spinach on top, and some grated low-fat edam cheese.

Put in oven for about 15 minuets on 180 degrees, and you have yourself a VERY satisfying, healthy substitute πŸ˜€Β IMG_8711

Healthy Bruschetta’s!

10 Mar

If i want to surprise my family or friends and make them a nice meal to eat, there needs to be a side dish to complement the main dish, and although there’s so many choices and combinations you can come up with depending on what your main meal is, My family is a big fan of bruschetta’s and although they don’t sound very healthy as their usually full of oil and are mainly bread, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not actually the opposite!

Whole wheat french baguette



feta cheese (only a little to sprinkle on top)


1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

The olive oil I use is fresh from the farms, in cyprus, you can nearly smell how “real” and unrefined it is!

Place the baguette with everything on in the oven for about 10 minuets on 180degrees

It comes out crispy yet soft and warm, i think it’s a perfect snack as well, as it easily keeps you full and prevents you from snacking a lot or craving other things, and only a little of it will make you satisfied!

A little bit of olive oil is always good to have to keep our diet balanced, and does wonders for our skin!Β IMG_8712

White bean healthy recipe idea!

5 Mar

Why do white beans have to take so long to cook?

if they didn’t, they might be my breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

There’s so much you can eat it with, different flavors, you can NEVER get bored!

this was the first time, i actually cooked them myself. My mum usually cooks them but not very often as its quite a hassle to keep them in water overnight then boil for about 2 hours or so. But, it was definitely worth it, and i may not go as far as having white beans for breakfast lunch and dinner, it will definitely be a more frequent part of my diet!



1 cup white beans

1/2 avocado

handfull spinach


2 crab sticks


Cook the white beans until they become soft, add the spinach until soft, mash the avocado and cut the crab sticks in small pieces, mix with the white beans and spinach and squeeze some lemon juice!


White beans, are loaded with antioxidants, fiber and protein. They have a low GI which means it prevents craving and feeling hungry after, and you don’t even need that much to fill you up completely!



Tuna and Avocado Rolls

4 Mar

Whenever you feel like you need to increase your carbs intake, or you notice that you’ve been having too much bread and rice? it’s not the end of the world. Just because you need to try and eat less rice or pasta doesn’t mean you can’t have a proper and satisfying lunch or dinner.

IMG_8708It’s lunch ideas like these that get me excited, you can easily eat, be satisfied and enjoy your food and not feel hungry after you’re done! in fact, i enjoy these lettuce rolls even more than having something maybe more unhealthy and filled with less nutrition!

All you need is:

some lettuce,

a can of tuna,

1/2 an avocado

lemon juice


just place everything on the lettuce and roll it up!