25 Feb

I used to absolutely HATE lentils!

you know that one food that you have as a child that your mum always forces you to eat, and you would rather stay hungry than put in your mouth, well for me it was always lentils. I remember staring at the huge mountain of it on my plate and wanting to puke…thanks mum!

So, i’v always had a negative impression of them, and ever since i was young i’v always tried keeping my distance, until yesterday; I knew that lentils were healthy, and full of proteins and nutrients, they can easily be substituted for rice and are VERY filling even if you don’t eat a lot, so all i needed to do is try and figure out WHAT i can eat them with, to make them that little bit more yummy!

and I never thought i’d EVER say this, but now i’m starting to maybe, just maybe, love lentils!




Boil some lentils and add some bourgouri after it starts to boil.

Boil some broccoli (and cauliflower or aubergine)

low-fat greek yogurt



It’s so simple, nutritious, and delicious, no fancy ingredients, no special way of cooking, but i enjoyed every mouthful of it!


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