Healthy ‘apple crumble’

15 Feb

So, I went to the kitchen last night planning on making some cooked porridge with some apples and cinnamon.

After everything was ready and i was about to pour it into a bowl and eat, i smelt the apple and the cinnamon coming from the pot and it reminded me of the apple crumble and custard that mum always makes which i used to love and scoff down in a second.

The porridge has sort of the texture of the custard, and the apples and cinnamon are the “filling” all i needed was the “crumble” to make it a healthy substitute to the apple crumble which NOBODY and i repeat nobody. can say no to!

So, i got some hazelnut granola and poured some into the bowl before pouring the porridge on top!

It was crunchy and warm and cinammony all at once. Just how i like my apple crumble!

In my porridge I also added a little bit of sesame butter for flavor. IMG_8391


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