13 Feb

Bananas must be the fruit that goes with mostly ANYTHING!

wether you eat it 1.alone a milkshake 3.with peanut butter and toast 4.with oats and yogurt 5.with cooked porridge 6.caramelized 7.fruit salad

and i’m sure the list is quite never ending.

So i decided to find yet ANOTHER way we can eat bananas.

Something full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. DATES!

rich in healthy fats, and reduce risk of cancer, diabetes and helps with weight loss. WALNUTS!

So what better thing than to mix these three ingredients?

You can crush the walnuts and put dates in food processor to get a sort of paste…

spread the paste on the banana and then sprinkle the walnuts.

I just had cut mine with a knife, but i think next time I will try turning the dates into a paste.

I also added some cinnamon. Because i just can’t live without cinnamon.



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