A little motivation!

11 Feb

Every once in a while, whilst you’re in this healthy lifestyle you may (or may not) have a moment of doubt. wonder if it’s actually all worth it, if you’re actually being more healthy or if it all makes no change to the way your body works or how you will feel.

Put simply.


it is completely worth it, and i’m sure if you’ve been doing this for a while you will have noticed a change, not only in the way you look but also the way you feel.

You can even exercise better, longer without getting tired, not get tired easily during the day but feel more energized and “alive”

and if that’s not enough evidence. Then science can prove it. This picture really made me shocked, and i think it can motivate anyone and is the alarm clock to wake up and make a difference to your lifestyle!

So, i just basically wanted to share this picture, how there’s fat even between the organs, how much harder is it for our body to function.

and so; i hope people finally understand. That we’re not on a healthy diet because we HATE our body; but because we LOVE it.



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