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Tomato and Spinach Lentils!

27 Feb

IMG_8703This was a 100% mixing whatever i found in the fridge which i thought might go well with lentils and the outcome was so good, It’s definitely a dish I will have again.

I was cooking for both my sister and myself and wanted something both healthy but also “yummy” enough for my sister to enjoy and not moan about it being TOO healthy!

So, a salad was definitely out of the question, and i decided to come up with a new way to have my lentils!


1 cup lentils

1/4 cup bourgouri

2 tablespoons tomato paste

handful of spinach

1 tomato

pour some water in a pan and place it on medium heat and add the spinach, when it starts to soften a bit add the cooked lentils and bourgouri and mix, add some chopped tomatoes and tomato paste, and mix until everything is combined and spinach is soft.

You can add some onions or mushrooms with it, or any kind of herbs, but i liked the simplicity of the dish.


Healthy popcorn chicken!

26 Feb

IMG_8702Popcorn chicken is my favorite thing on the KFC menu.

I like the fact that they are small and bite size and so easy to eat with ANYTHING you want!

This, though is a healthy version of it, and i’m not lying if i say that personally i enjoyed it MORE than the original popcorn chicken.


Cut up chicken breasts in small bite size pieces

1 egg

Quaker oats

Get each chicken piece and dip it in the egg, then roll in the quaker oats in order to stick, spray some vegetable oil cooking spray onto a pan, and that. is. all.

Instead of using, breadcrumps this is a much healthier substitute, the oats are full of protein and nutrients that are good for you, and give you just the perfect crunch you want when you have popcorn chicken!

You could also add some honey, or pepper while cooking, or make a small healthy dip.

I made some tzatziki

(low fat greek yogurt, and cucumber)


25 Feb

I used to absolutely HATE lentils!

you know that one food that you have as a child that your mum always forces you to eat, and you would rather stay hungry than put in your mouth, well for me it was always lentils. I remember staring at the huge mountain of it on my plate and wanting to puke…thanks mum!

So, i’v always had a negative impression of them, and ever since i was young i’v always tried keeping my distance, until yesterday; I knew that lentils were healthy, and full of proteins and nutrients, they can easily be substituted for rice and are VERY filling even if you don’t eat a lot, so all i needed to do is try and figure out WHAT i can eat them with, to make them that little bit more yummy!

and I never thought i’d EVER say this, but now i’m starting to maybe, just maybe, love lentils!




Boil some lentils and add some bourgouri after it starts to boil.

Boil some broccoli (and cauliflower or aubergine)

low-fat greek yogurt



It’s so simple, nutritious, and delicious, no fancy ingredients, no special way of cooking, but i enjoyed every mouthful of it!

Avocado and Beetroot salad!

23 Feb



I LOVE having salad for lunch, it’s just so much lighter and doesn’t leave you bloated for the rest of the day feeling as if you can’t do anything for an hour or so!

Another thing i love about salads is that you can be so free with your choices, you can literally mix anything you have in the fridge, and experiment with the different flavors…or at least that’s what I do!

The only dressing i ever put on my salads are lemon and sometimes 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil, apart from that, i think you should never ruin such a healthy thing and make it full of calories and fats.


1/2 avocado

mixture of spinach, romaine lettuce, arugula

1 beetroot

goat’s cheese

1 boiled egg white.


It really was refreshing and an explosion of different flavors!! but next time i may substitute the beetroot with some strawberries!

Coconut and Orange bites.

21 Feb


Once You use something for the first time and get over your fear of using that ingredient, then the obsession begins.

and that’s what happened with me and coconut, this week all i’v been doing is trying to find different ways and adding it to different smoothies, cookies and foods.

So what better thing than a some bite size crisps that will fill you up whenever you’re looking for something to snack on.


1 egg white

1 tablespoon coconut

orange zest

1 cup crushed bran flakes

5 crushed almonds


Whisk the egg white and then add the rest of the ingredients, put in a non-stick pan in little balls, and bake on 180 degrees for about 15 minuets!



No sugar coconut cookies!

19 Feb

I finally did it, first time i’v ever got a fresh coconut and what’s the first thing that i realize?


after watching countless youtube videos and maybe a little bit of banging that might have annoyed the neighbors a little bit, it was time to invent something new!

And what’s better than some healthy cookies to have with your afternoon tea.



1/2 banana

1 cup oats

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 tablespoon coconut


Put all the ingredients in the food processor until everything is smooth.

Place in a pan and heat for about 15 minuets on 180 degrees. IMG_8451 IMG_8452

Spinach and Beetroot Salad

17 Feb

IMG_8449This looked and smelt so amazing that I forgot to take a picture before tucking in.

I like the fact that it’s so simple, it only has a few ingredients and so you will never be too lazy to do it or find an excuse to grab something unhealthy!

I warmed the spinach and beetroot but the same salad can be eaten both warm or cold I guess depending on the weather.


Handfull spinach (chop into large pieces)

1 beetroot (cut in circles)

1/2 lemon

1/4 cup walnuts

Goat cheese

-Put beetroot in a pan and lightly heat then add the spinach and walnuts and mix, until spinach is slightly cooked, remove. squeeze some lemon juice and sprinkle the cheese on top.

Healthy ‘apple crumble’

15 Feb

So, I went to the kitchen last night planning on making some cooked porridge with some apples and cinnamon.

After everything was ready and i was about to pour it into a bowl and eat, i smelt the apple and the cinnamon coming from the pot and it reminded me of the apple crumble and custard that mum always makes which i used to love and scoff down in a second.

The porridge has sort of the texture of the custard, and the apples and cinnamon are the “filling” all i needed was the “crumble” to make it a healthy substitute to the apple crumble which NOBODY and i repeat nobody. can say no to!

So, i got some hazelnut granola and poured some into the bowl before pouring the porridge on top!

It was crunchy and warm and cinammony all at once. Just how i like my apple crumble!

In my porridge I also added a little bit of sesame butter for flavor. IMG_8391


15 Feb

Frozen banana is one of my favorite snacks, i feel like whenever something is frozen it makes you want to eat it slower and truly enjoy every bite of it.

But with a little extra twist, there’s even more to enjoy with these banana ice lolies.

Cut banana in half, and place in a barbecue stick.

spread some fat-free greek yogurt on a plate and cover banana with yogurt.

Crush some almonds and chopped dates in small pieces, sprinkle some on the banana, it will stick on the yogurt. IMG_8424

Place in the fridge for about an hour!

But don’t forget to get creative and add any of your own favorite healthy additions. for example:







13 Feb

Bananas must be the fruit that goes with mostly ANYTHING!

wether you eat it 1.alone a milkshake 3.with peanut butter and toast 4.with oats and yogurt 5.with cooked porridge 6.caramelized 7.fruit salad

and i’m sure the list is quite never ending.

So i decided to find yet ANOTHER way we can eat bananas.

Something full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. DATES!

rich in healthy fats, and reduce risk of cancer, diabetes and helps with weight loss. WALNUTS!

So what better thing than to mix these three ingredients?

You can crush the walnuts and put dates in food processor to get a sort of paste…

spread the paste on the banana and then sprinkle the walnuts.

I just had cut mine with a knife, but i think next time I will try turning the dates into a paste.

I also added some cinnamon. Because i just can’t live without cinnamon.