25 Jan

I think part of your journey with food and being healthy is making it yourself.

firstly, you know exactly what it has and you won’t live with the stress of “what if it’s not actually healthy” Sometimes, you may automatically think parfaits are the healthy choice, but don’t be fooled.

and second, making food, will give you more time physiologically to look at it, and know you’re going to eat it, so by the time you sit down to actually eat, you won’t be as hungry and won’t eat as much as if the food was simply given to you.

I think parfaits are a perfect example of this,

you have to cut the fruits, make it look nice (if you’re like me) and layer it up, THEN eat it.

again, by making it look nice, you will really enjoy what you’re eating and again i repeat WHY DO SOME PEOPLE NOT FIND THINGS LIKE PARFAITS TEMPTING!!!

i don’t add any honey in mine, coz i simply don’t feel like i need the taste, so i don’t need to add more calories, however honey is healthy in moderation!

instead i do use granola, rather than oats, which is not AS healthy.


1.If you put them in a plastic cup, they can be portable.

2.They satisfy your craving for something creamy and crunchy

3.vitamins from fruits

4.protein from yogurt


TIPS ON MAKING PARFAITS! can use a cream squeezer for the yogurt.

2.cut the fruits in smaller pieces so you can digest them better. can add some nuts, or dried fruits. can add honey, or cinnamon. change to satisfy your taste buds.

5.Make in a smaller cup so you can have less calories but will physiologically feel like you had enough.



parfaits are healthy but not always!

therefore make sure you use

low-fat yogurt, natural granola or oats, and don’t add up on sugar by adding a lot of honey or syrup.


IMG_8272 IMG_8273


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