TIME FOR A SCIENCE LESSON. (how to reduce your cholesterol absorption?)

23 Jan

My friends may call me a geek but i love revising biology! I have been sitting all day studying for my exam, and have enjoyed every minuet of it. When i used to be younger, and studied for any test, i never found motivation and always found myself wonder, how is this going to help me in life? or effect me in anyway wether i learn it or not? now that i’m getting older, and get to choose the subjects i study, everything is so much more interesting, it’s something that i would want to learn about even if i didn’t have an exam.

And so, there was one or two things that i thought would be worth sharing with you!



these are oily substances found in plants, and it has been proved (with enough evidence so no one can say this is not true) that they lower cholesterol levels in the body. this is because they stop the small intestines from absorbing cholesterol. This is because they have the same shape is cholestrols and so take their place.



nuts, seeds, vegetables.


Those with high cholesterol levels should consume around 2 grams a day!


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