19 Jan

As you know by now, i always get bored of continuously of eating the same food, the same way and so always try and groove it up a bit.

now its time for cereal to get a little makeover,

i used special K, with dried berries, but i did the same thing again with bran flakes,

so any whole wheat cereal will do.

instead of using milk i made a smoothie and mixed that with the cereal.


2 tbsp yogurt,

1 banana

handfull spinach

1/2 cup water


put all ingredients in blender, and then put in the bowl with the cereal,

especially with the bran flakes, it gives it more flavor, and i like how the smoothie is thicker, so it sort of makes you feel more satisfied as if you had a “real” meal, rather than cereal does.

also, breakfast should be your most calorie intake with plenty of protein and vitamins, and so this supplies you with everything!

enjoy 😀 IMG_8294


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