Oats and yogurt snack idea.

17 Jan


You know that look a little child gets when they hear “chocolate cake”, when their eyes start to open up wide as if their pupils or eyeballs are going to pop out, and there’s just this glimmer that suddenly fills up their face. well this is how i feel whenever i see this.

This is what makes me not understand, how some people can say that healthy is not tempting,

how can raspberry vanilla yogurt cream not tempt anyone in their right mind????

this was originally going to be just another smoothie, but it became a revolution instead.

because i didn’t add anything liquid, like water or milk, the raspberry and yogurt became like cream and thats when i got the idea of turning it into a sort of desert and use this instead of custard.

so put some oats, or granola in a bowl, and then pour the mixture on top, make sure you keep it thick,

and you will literally want to lick the plate after you are done!!




vanilla yogurt

mix in blender and you are literally done!!!




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