The perfect roll!

14 Jan

for me rolls are the best way to get all your nutrients for either lunch or dinner,

and they are so easy to make healthy, and to try and consume as much veggies as possible, especially if you’re they’re not your favorite thing, by adding vegetables to your rolls, you won’t even feel like you’re having them as the mixture of flavors will just cause an explosion in your mouth. ;p

but, the first change that i made to my rolls was substitute the pitta bread, i mostly use lettuce which actually has negative calories which is great, it’s also crunchy which gives you that special satisfactory feeling while you chew. (or is that just me being strange)

next. instead of using mayonnaise i use  low-fat yogurt, 1 cup of yogurt has 11g of protein, a teenage girl should have around 54 per day, so around 2 tablespoons is quite good, i mix it with some cucumber which is called tzatziki and is actually a greek side-dish.

Another thing i love about rolls, is that you can make them anyway by mixing any ingredients you have at home that day, no need to go shopping especially for anything as it’s not a set recipe, you can use leftovers from lunch, which was what i did.



1/2 tomato


1 cucumber

3 tablespoons low-fat greek yogurt

leftover chicken

1 green pepper

scrambled egg


– i like to cut everything up to small pieces as it’s easier to bite into, and just makes eating it easier. IMG_8288


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