Spinach, tomato and olive on toast.

9 Jan


1 egg white

1 cup cut up spinach

1/2 garlic clove

1/4 cup olives

1 tomato 

2 whole wheat loafs


–> mix all the cut up ingredients in a bowl 

–> place mixture on the loafs of bread 

–>you can add some grated cheese on top if you like

–>place in oven for 20 minuets on 175degrees. 


This is just a simple, easy dinner recipe. it is very low in fat and will keep you full and satisfied for the night! 

it’s nearly a substitute for pizza, so whenever you’re craving one of those evil little things, mix some of these ingredients and you’ll have yourself a great substitute that will also keep your taste buds just as happy, minus the regrets! ImageImageImage


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