Healthy stuffed apples!

8 Jan

The snacks i usually enjoy the most, are the spontaneous ones, where i use a mixture of ingredients i don’t usually use, and although sometimes it involves taking a risk and failing, if your recipe is successful you feel like you’ve invented something genius, even if it’s the simplest thing ever! 

This was a very spontaneous snack i tried making. It’s winter time and the weather is getting colder everyday, fruit smoothies, and fruit salads are way too wintery and while shivering under the covers the only thing i crave is something warm, and soft. And what better way to do it then a baked, stuffed apple? 


1 apple

half an orange

1/4 cup walnuts 

a few dates 


Remove the core of the apple, making it look like a cup, 

cup up the orange in small pieces, and the walnuts and dates and mix together.

place the mixture inside the apple and put in the oven on 175 degrees for 20 minuets. 


I was more than satisfied with the result, because of the heat the dates had become caramelized and the apple had become soft, with the orange juice going through it. 


seriously, a great snack for those winter afternoons, and it looks great too so you can even enjoy it with friends and family! Image


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