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My perfect dates snack.

31 Jan

I sometimes find myself walking around the house looking for something small and sweet to put in my mouth, the easy thing to do is find a piece of chocolate lying around and just eat it, enjoy it for a few seconds and have to live with the regret for the next couple of days,

although, I have so many snack ideas that I can munch on whenever I am peckish, there’s not really something that I’v created which is small and sweet and really replaces that feeling of eating a small piece of chocolate.

So I decided, it’s time to create one now,

and I’ll tell you from now, this is not low in calorie, and may even exceed the calories of some small pieces of chocolates out there, but, a healthy lifestyle does not only mean how many calories you consume, this has a lot of healthy cholestrols and is a great source of fibre, potassium and calcium


1 date

1 walnut

1 teaspoon light philadelphia cheese.


Cut the yogurt in half, spread the cheese inside, place the walnut and close like a sandwich,

it’s really sweet and although I can have a million of them, if you get just one date and make it, and put everything back, you won’t really be bothered to get up and do the whole procedure again, unlike a chocolate box which all you have to do is place your hand inside.

each one is 60 calories, and so is not something you should always depend on, but it stops you from chewing down that chocolate bar, then go for it!

For me personally, one is just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth and it’s just a treat i enjoy every now and again 🙂



Healthy Cinammon, Banana and Oat cookies!

29 Jan

I can NEVER give up the feeling of having nice, crispy cookies with my tea in the afternoons, but instead of feeling the guilt of all these empty calories and fat going into my body, there’s no better way than to make your own cookies, so you know exactly what they have inside, and there’s nothing better than using our good friend oats, and a bit of cinnamon to give it that awesome flavor, with some banana and honey to make our sweet tooth happy too!

When i usually make cookies, i try to cut back on honey as i know it is quite high in calories, but this time I did add a tablespoon, because in the end, it’s worth it, as you really feel like you have eaten a “real” cookie, and don’t feel like you’ve been deprived from anything, but…just the healthy way 🙂

I love cinnamon, it has to much taste, and its benefits are actually endless, I might post an article on the benefits of cinnamon alone in the future, it’s flavor really satisfies me all the time, and I think it’s one of the reasons i fell in love with these cookies, so if you’re a fan of cinnamon like me, then make sure you ADD PLENTY!


2 cups oatmeal

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup crushed walnuts

1 tbsp honey

1 mashed banana

1 tbsp cinammon

handfull raisins


Mix all together, scoop into a non-stick pan, make sure they are all the same size so they bake evenly,

bake for 20 minuets on 180 degrees.


27 Jan

For all those of you who love mexican food. I’m sure you know it is very high in calorie, and fat and basically not something you would like to eat while trying to be healthy.

But that’s no reason to give it up forever.




1 can black beans

1 can corn

1/4 tomato

1 square low-fat edam cheese.


cut the peppers in half, and mix the corn, beans, tomato and place mixture inside peppers,

grate the cheese on top, and put in oven for 15 minuets on 175 degrees. IMG_8147


25 Jan

I think part of your journey with food and being healthy is making it yourself.

firstly, you know exactly what it has and you won’t live with the stress of “what if it’s not actually healthy” Sometimes, you may automatically think parfaits are the healthy choice, but don’t be fooled.

and second, making food, will give you more time physiologically to look at it, and know you’re going to eat it, so by the time you sit down to actually eat, you won’t be as hungry and won’t eat as much as if the food was simply given to you.

I think parfaits are a perfect example of this,

you have to cut the fruits, make it look nice (if you’re like me) and layer it up, THEN eat it.

again, by making it look nice, you will really enjoy what you’re eating and again i repeat WHY DO SOME PEOPLE NOT FIND THINGS LIKE PARFAITS TEMPTING!!!

i don’t add any honey in mine, coz i simply don’t feel like i need the taste, so i don’t need to add more calories, however honey is healthy in moderation!

instead i do use granola, rather than oats, which is not AS healthy.


1.If you put them in a plastic cup, they can be portable.

2.They satisfy your craving for something creamy and crunchy

3.vitamins from fruits

4.protein from yogurt


TIPS ON MAKING PARFAITS! can use a cream squeezer for the yogurt.

2.cut the fruits in smaller pieces so you can digest them better. can add some nuts, or dried fruits. can add honey, or cinnamon. change to satisfy your taste buds.

5.Make in a smaller cup so you can have less calories but will physiologically feel like you had enough.



parfaits are healthy but not always!

therefore make sure you use

low-fat yogurt, natural granola or oats, and don’t add up on sugar by adding a lot of honey or syrup.


IMG_8272 IMG_8273

TIME FOR A SCIENCE LESSON. (how to reduce your cholesterol absorption?)

23 Jan

My friends may call me a geek but i love revising biology! I have been sitting all day studying for my exam, and have enjoyed every minuet of it. When i used to be younger, and studied for any test, i never found motivation and always found myself wonder, how is this going to help me in life? or effect me in anyway wether i learn it or not? now that i’m getting older, and get to choose the subjects i study, everything is so much more interesting, it’s something that i would want to learn about even if i didn’t have an exam.

And so, there was one or two things that i thought would be worth sharing with you!



these are oily substances found in plants, and it has been proved (with enough evidence so no one can say this is not true) that they lower cholesterol levels in the body. this is because they stop the small intestines from absorbing cholesterol. This is because they have the same shape is cholestrols and so take their place.



nuts, seeds, vegetables.


Those with high cholesterol levels should consume around 2 grams a day!


21 Jan

First let’s get our facts straight. Eggs are a great source of protein, and vitamin and minerals.

one egg is 60 calories with around 4 grams of fat that is all found in he egg yolk.


so you can still enjoy egg mayonnaise, just make a few adjustments here and there and you’ll have made yourself a healthy dinner.


instead of bread, which will add calories and carbs, use lettuce for a base,




2 egg whites

1/2 tablespoon light mayonnaise

hint of black pepper


mix the scrambled egg whites with the mayonnaise and add a bit of pepper, spread on the lettuce.

it’s even a great finger food if you have friends round or for a “healthier” cocktail party.

you can still keep the egg yolk if you cut back on fat on your other meals that day, but i personally feel like I’m substituting the “sins” of the yolk, with the mayonnaise.


19 Jan

As you know by now, i always get bored of continuously of eating the same food, the same way and so always try and groove it up a bit.

now its time for cereal to get a little makeover,

i used special K, with dried berries, but i did the same thing again with bran flakes,

so any whole wheat cereal will do.

instead of using milk i made a smoothie and mixed that with the cereal.


2 tbsp yogurt,

1 banana

handfull spinach

1/2 cup water


put all ingredients in blender, and then put in the bowl with the cereal,

especially with the bran flakes, it gives it more flavor, and i like how the smoothie is thicker, so it sort of makes you feel more satisfied as if you had a “real” meal, rather than cereal does.

also, breakfast should be your most calorie intake with plenty of protein and vitamins, and so this supplies you with everything!

enjoy 😀 IMG_8294

Oats and yogurt snack idea.

17 Jan


You know that look a little child gets when they hear “chocolate cake”, when their eyes start to open up wide as if their pupils or eyeballs are going to pop out, and there’s just this glimmer that suddenly fills up their face. well this is how i feel whenever i see this.

This is what makes me not understand, how some people can say that healthy is not tempting,

how can raspberry vanilla yogurt cream not tempt anyone in their right mind????

this was originally going to be just another smoothie, but it became a revolution instead.

because i didn’t add anything liquid, like water or milk, the raspberry and yogurt became like cream and thats when i got the idea of turning it into a sort of desert and use this instead of custard.

so put some oats, or granola in a bowl, and then pour the mixture on top, make sure you keep it thick,

and you will literally want to lick the plate after you are done!!




vanilla yogurt

mix in blender and you are literally done!!!



Healthy chinese stir fry and sweet chili sauce.

16 Jan


Chinese is something i can never give up, and i don’t think anyone could give up the amazing fireworks of flavors that you can get only in stir-fries.

But, that doesn’t mean there’s no healthy alternative. just like everything else, you don’t need to give up your favorite foods just because you’re trying to be more healthy.


Chicken and vegetables are full of nutrients, protein and are not a problem at all.

use vegetable oil cooking spray, you will cut back on a lot of calories and unhealthy fats, and personally, i think it tastes better and doesn’t make you feel so heavy after you eat.

soy sauce, and sweet chili can be used in moderation if you are not on a very strict diet, apart from the sugar content, sweet chilli has very little calories and 0g of fats; and if, like me, you decide to do a stir-fry once every now and then, however, if you think this is a dish you’d like to have all the time, make your own sweet chill.



2 red peppers

1 tbsp garlic

1 cup water

1 tbsp cornstarch

2 tbsp white vinegar


i chopped up the chill peppers using a food processor, and then mixed everything in the same pan which i later added the chicken in. simple!




2 chicken breasts

1 tablespoons sweet chilli

1 tablespoon soy sauce

2 tablespoons teriaky sauce.

1 carrot

green beans



This was just what i found lying in the fridge.

i would also add some red, and yellow bell peppers.



it’s very filling and extremely satisfying, and in contrast to a chinese meal you would eat out, you can feel so much less regret 🙂

The perfect roll!

14 Jan

for me rolls are the best way to get all your nutrients for either lunch or dinner,

and they are so easy to make healthy, and to try and consume as much veggies as possible, especially if you’re they’re not your favorite thing, by adding vegetables to your rolls, you won’t even feel like you’re having them as the mixture of flavors will just cause an explosion in your mouth. ;p

but, the first change that i made to my rolls was substitute the pitta bread, i mostly use lettuce which actually has negative calories which is great, it’s also crunchy which gives you that special satisfactory feeling while you chew. (or is that just me being strange)

next. instead of using mayonnaise i use  low-fat yogurt, 1 cup of yogurt has 11g of protein, a teenage girl should have around 54 per day, so around 2 tablespoons is quite good, i mix it with some cucumber which is called tzatziki and is actually a greek side-dish.

Another thing i love about rolls, is that you can make them anyway by mixing any ingredients you have at home that day, no need to go shopping especially for anything as it’s not a set recipe, you can use leftovers from lunch, which was what i did.



1/2 tomato


1 cucumber

3 tablespoons low-fat greek yogurt

leftover chicken

1 green pepper

scrambled egg


– i like to cut everything up to small pieces as it’s easier to bite into, and just makes eating it easier. IMG_8288