HAPPY NEW YEAR! my goals for this new year

31 Dec


Christmas is over and the holidays are slowly coming to an end. A new year is making its way here and what better opportunity than a new year to start a new begging? to get more motivation? and work harder to reach an even bigger goal for a better and healthier you? 


Whenever i loose track of something or get away from my daily routines i feel like i need a specific day marking a new start to get back on track. wether its a start of month of week. so the start of a new year for me, is like this boost of motivation and a glimmer that i can really achieve anything i want! 

so, to start this awesome new year i’m going to list some ways in which IM going to try and be healthier everyday. 

Just like everything else i post, they’re easy adjustments that anyone can do, and even though they may sound simple, they can really make a huge difference! 


1. wake up early and go jogging every morning! NO EXCUSES! 

sometimes when i really don’t have energy i tell myself to just go and walk rather than jog, but once I’m out of the house with my jogging clothes on, i just feel a rush of energy and jog anyway. 

2. drink LOTS of water. 

this is one of my weak points, sometimes i go through a whole day and FORGET to drink water, i’m going to carry a bottle of water with me wherever i go so even if i don’t feel thirsty just seeing it in front of me will remind me to drink some. 

3.make new creations every week. 

when i first started this blog, i had so many ideas for new healthy snacks and breakfast and dinner ideas, i’v sort of been busy with life and school and holidays and have neglected the main reason i started this blog. to show that eating healthy is actually fun, creative, and delicious! so plenty of new delicious ideas are promised 😀 

4.set myself challenges every month. 

i don’t know if this is going to work. but i feel like motivation need exercise and practice. just like you need to go jogging and workout to exercise your muscles, you need to keep setting yourself goals in order to have motivation and self-control. if i set myself a challenge each month, wether its to stop eating chocolate for a month, or to eat a specific vegetable everyday for dinner, it’s exciting, challenging, and best of all it can only help you! if you have any ideas of challenges or goals i can set myself each month please comment below 😀 


So i hope you have a great New year! and work hard to achieve your goals! 


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