Bad habits we all fall into!

28 Dec



you may think you’re not eating fast foods, and therefore automatically are healthy and wait for the kilos to just melt off. but day after day nothings changing? it’s easy for us to think that we are healthy when we’re actually doing some habits that are preventing us from reaching our goals. and if we don’t know its bad for us, we will never stop. if we never stop. we’ll never reach our goals. 


i can only write what i learnt from experience, and some mistakes i made thinking they were healthy, but the longer your journey the more you’ll learn. The moral of the lesson? always keep your eyes open and be attentive, don’t take anything for granted and DO YOUR RESEARCH, before doing anything that you’ve seen common. 


1.) peanut butter! 

you’ve probably realized, from the amount of recipes i put with peanut butter that it is one of my favorite healthy substitutes. while containing healthy fats and being absolutely delicious that can take away any craving, eating peanut butter in moderation can be good. however, healthy fats are still fats and if you cross the line don’t expect to see a smaller number once you step on those scales! 



i’v never been a vegetarian and never plan on being one. but i’v noticed from many of my friends who are that by turning vegetarian you minimize your choices of food and although people may think that you will start consuming more fruits and vegetables which should lead to weight loss, your cravings wil get heightened, you will not be so satisfied and so will find yourself snacking on unhealthy biscuits, chocolates etc. more often. whereas by eating grilled chicken, or a chicken salad, would keep you more full, you will consume less carbs and can still add those fruits and veggies to your diet! 


3.)Working out. 

after working out, i usually get this feeling of satisfaction. “YES! i burnt 300 more calories than i would have from sitting on the computer” and what does our naughty, greedy little brain want us to do? eat those 300 calories back. it won’t make a difference, what if i didn’t go to work out? NO NO NO! it can be so easy to convince yourself to have a little treat after a workout, but stay strong and don’t fall into that trap! keep working out because it will really help your body stay fit! have a fruit after, and you will feel much better the next day! 



usually drinking juices, especially fruit juices, don’t really feel like you’re consuming calories. a few years ago, whenever i had some orange juice out of a carton i used to feel proud that i’v had one of my five a day. i didn’t realize how much sugar and extra substances are in that juice. now, i get disgusted and can’t drink juice from cartons, i feel as if the producers are tricking the people into drinking something “healthy” and that will lead people to drink freely without feeling regret! we consume a lot of calories from drinking and it doesn’t even make us full, it lead to weight gain and we won’t even realize how it happened? instead drink a lot of water to keep hydrated, and green tea which helps burn fat and increase metabolism! you need those liquids in your body but make sure you’re drinking the right things! 


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