17 Dec

so my parents are out of the country, and I’m here with my older sister for one whole week!

first thing that came up to my mind when they told me they were leaving was: IM GOING TO DO THE COOKING!

the excitement i got from this thought is a bit worrying for a 15 year old, but nevertheless my brain automatically started thinking of what i could cook, which was both easy, edible and most importantly healthy.

although my sister was not too excited about this, but seeing as she hasn’t got the BEST experience in the kitchen, this is my perfect opportunity to transform her.

and i think were getting there the other day she drank a spinach and banana smoothie and loved it! wooohoo!

the day before my parents left i went on a full shopping spree for food, and made sure we were fully stocked with fruits, veggies and some healthy whole wheat bread and snacks (nuts/dried fruits)

so, this was just a simply thing i made for dinner, i think its perfect for winter as it will keep you warm,

in winter i tend to find it harder to eat fruits fresh from the fridge and i always fancy something warm so i think this is perfect as its so easy to make and SOOOO healthy and full of nutrients!





black pepper


boil some cauliflower and spinach, for around 40 minuets till soft and all water evaporates. IMG_8143

mash them with a fork

add some low-fat milk to soften,

add black pepper or any other herbs you like 🙂

it really was so satisfying, and much healthier than mashed potatoes with an even better taste! REALLY RECOMMEND IT, it’s now one of my favorite winter dinners!




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