13 Dec

salad is probably the healthiest thing you can have, for lunch, dinner and its quite filling. 

however, if you’re not imaginative enough or just don’t have the time and energy to shop for new veggies and find some new combinations to make new salads, you’ll eventually get bored. 

and boredom, is the worst way to prevent yourself from eating what is healthy! 

so here’s a simple salad with only 4 ingredients that i absolutely love! 

it’s so filling, you don’t feel like you ate “just” a salad and therefore don’t feel the urge to eat anything else after, 

i didn’t put a lot of seasoning as for me it doesn’t make a difference and only adds more unnecessary calories, 

however i did add one tablespoon of olive oil. 

This morning in biology class we were learning about the good and bad fats, and how fats from plants actually remove the bad animal fats that are in our body, one tablespoon of olive oil therefore is actually healthy for you!! 






crab stick 



olive oil 

–> just mix all the ingredients, squeeze some fresh lemon on top. ( i like a lot of lemon to give it some extra flavor!)  and you’re done! 

coming up with new salads is just a matter of giving it a bit of thought, and you have yourself a colourful piece of art, that’s most importantly healthy and nutritious! ImageImage


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