12 Dec

ImageImageI used to find it sooo weird and disgusting how people can have pizza with pineapple. 

it used to be stuck in my head that pineapple was a fruit, its sweet and can’t be eaten as proper “food” with anything savory. 

well, that’s where i was completely and absolutely wrong and i really wish i can go back to every time we ordered pizza and  i used to take the pineapples out. (what was i thinking?!) 

so, i decided to make a healthy/breakfast substitute 

with something cheesy and pineapply.

 for a base, i used one egg, mixed with a bit of milk and two tablespoons of oatmeal. 

(you can just make a normal omlette and use two eggs instead to make it a bit bigger) 

on top i added pieces of halloumi cheese and pineapple. make sure they are thin so they can become soft and melt easier. 

that’s basically it. 

i finally got a little taste of what a pineapple pizza tastes like. 


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