3 Dec

One of my favorite new elements to use in my light dinners is…*drum roll* lettuce!

It’s so exciting that lettuce actually has NEGATIVE CALORIES and i think if it wasn’t healthy i would probably be craving it as i crave chocolate sometimes.

it’s so crunchy, and can go with nearly anything you eat it with so you NEVER GET BORED, there’s always new ways to eat lettuce and that’s what makes it so much more easier to try eating as much as you can,

it’s a good way to fill yourself up with something like lettuce which is very healthy, and that way you won’t feel hungry and eat more of something which is more fattening.

these past three days i’v had lettuce for my dinner but each time i ate it differently, and i’m sure there’s so many other ingredients you can mix it with and have yourself an amazing little healthy dinner.

for me, it was sort of like a substitute to bread, instead of having a grilled chicken sandwich i rolled the chicken with some lettuce, or turkey rolled in lettuce.

bread can be good, when its whole wheat and when you eat it in moderation, but sometimes when you feel you’ve eaten too much bread for that day and still want a “sand-witchy” quick and easy to make dinner, there’s ALWAYS s substitute.


so here’s what i had:




  1. sammysamgurl December 3, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    Really great idea in replacing the bread! I will have to try that ! 🙂 I love romaine lettuce!

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