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HAPPY NEW YEAR! my goals for this new year

31 Dec


Christmas is over and the holidays are slowly coming to an end. A new year is making its way here and what better opportunity than a new year to start a new begging? to get more motivation? and work harder to reach an even bigger goal for a better and healthier you? 


Whenever i loose track of something or get away from my daily routines i feel like i need a specific day marking a new start to get back on track. wether its a start of month of week. so the start of a new year for me, is like this boost of motivation and a glimmer that i can really achieve anything i want! 

so, to start this awesome new year i’m going to list some ways in which IM going to try and be healthier everyday. 

Just like everything else i post, they’re easy adjustments that anyone can do, and even though they may sound simple, they can really make a huge difference! 


1. wake up early and go jogging every morning! NO EXCUSES! 

sometimes when i really don’t have energy i tell myself to just go and walk rather than jog, but once I’m out of the house with my jogging clothes on, i just feel a rush of energy and jog anyway. 

2. drink LOTS of water. 

this is one of my weak points, sometimes i go through a whole day and FORGET to drink water, i’m going to carry a bottle of water with me wherever i go so even if i don’t feel thirsty just seeing it in front of me will remind me to drink some. 

3.make new creations every week. 

when i first started this blog, i had so many ideas for new healthy snacks and breakfast and dinner ideas, i’v sort of been busy with life and school and holidays and have neglected the main reason i started this blog. to show that eating healthy is actually fun, creative, and delicious! so plenty of new delicious ideas are promised 😀 

4.set myself challenges every month. 

i don’t know if this is going to work. but i feel like motivation need exercise and practice. just like you need to go jogging and workout to exercise your muscles, you need to keep setting yourself goals in order to have motivation and self-control. if i set myself a challenge each month, wether its to stop eating chocolate for a month, or to eat a specific vegetable everyday for dinner, it’s exciting, challenging, and best of all it can only help you! if you have any ideas of challenges or goals i can set myself each month please comment below 😀 


So i hope you have a great New year! and work hard to achieve your goals! 



30 Dec

this isn’t exactly the healthiest thing, but it works miracles! 

and since winter is the time where we’re bound to wake up at least one morning realizing that we’ve completely lost our voice. this is the perfect hot drink that will give you your voice back in seconds. 

My dad made it for me this morning, and although i was really disgusted to drink it at first it actually tasted quite good. 


1 cup milk

egg yolk 

1-2 tablespoons of brandy 

–> mix the egg yolk into the milk and boil 

–> add the brandy and drink 


forget about going to the pharmacy and getting all those throat lozenges. you have your cure at home.

Bad habits we all fall into!

28 Dec



you may think you’re not eating fast foods, and therefore automatically are healthy and wait for the kilos to just melt off. but day after day nothings changing? it’s easy for us to think that we are healthy when we’re actually doing some habits that are preventing us from reaching our goals. and if we don’t know its bad for us, we will never stop. if we never stop. we’ll never reach our goals. 


i can only write what i learnt from experience, and some mistakes i made thinking they were healthy, but the longer your journey the more you’ll learn. The moral of the lesson? always keep your eyes open and be attentive, don’t take anything for granted and DO YOUR RESEARCH, before doing anything that you’ve seen common. 


1.) peanut butter! 

you’ve probably realized, from the amount of recipes i put with peanut butter that it is one of my favorite healthy substitutes. while containing healthy fats and being absolutely delicious that can take away any craving, eating peanut butter in moderation can be good. however, healthy fats are still fats and if you cross the line don’t expect to see a smaller number once you step on those scales! 



i’v never been a vegetarian and never plan on being one. but i’v noticed from many of my friends who are that by turning vegetarian you minimize your choices of food and although people may think that you will start consuming more fruits and vegetables which should lead to weight loss, your cravings wil get heightened, you will not be so satisfied and so will find yourself snacking on unhealthy biscuits, chocolates etc. more often. whereas by eating grilled chicken, or a chicken salad, would keep you more full, you will consume less carbs and can still add those fruits and veggies to your diet! 


3.)Working out. 

after working out, i usually get this feeling of satisfaction. “YES! i burnt 300 more calories than i would have from sitting on the computer” and what does our naughty, greedy little brain want us to do? eat those 300 calories back. it won’t make a difference, what if i didn’t go to work out? NO NO NO! it can be so easy to convince yourself to have a little treat after a workout, but stay strong and don’t fall into that trap! keep working out because it will really help your body stay fit! have a fruit after, and you will feel much better the next day! 



usually drinking juices, especially fruit juices, don’t really feel like you’re consuming calories. a few years ago, whenever i had some orange juice out of a carton i used to feel proud that i’v had one of my five a day. i didn’t realize how much sugar and extra substances are in that juice. now, i get disgusted and can’t drink juice from cartons, i feel as if the producers are tricking the people into drinking something “healthy” and that will lead people to drink freely without feeling regret! we consume a lot of calories from drinking and it doesn’t even make us full, it lead to weight gain and we won’t even realize how it happened? instead drink a lot of water to keep hydrated, and green tea which helps burn fat and increase metabolism! you need those liquids in your body but make sure you’re drinking the right things! 


17 Dec

so my parents are out of the country, and I’m here with my older sister for one whole week!

first thing that came up to my mind when they told me they were leaving was: IM GOING TO DO THE COOKING!

the excitement i got from this thought is a bit worrying for a 15 year old, but nevertheless my brain automatically started thinking of what i could cook, which was both easy, edible and most importantly healthy.

although my sister was not too excited about this, but seeing as she hasn’t got the BEST experience in the kitchen, this is my perfect opportunity to transform her.

and i think were getting there the other day she drank a spinach and banana smoothie and loved it! wooohoo!

the day before my parents left i went on a full shopping spree for food, and made sure we were fully stocked with fruits, veggies and some healthy whole wheat bread and snacks (nuts/dried fruits)

so, this was just a simply thing i made for dinner, i think its perfect for winter as it will keep you warm,

in winter i tend to find it harder to eat fruits fresh from the fridge and i always fancy something warm so i think this is perfect as its so easy to make and SOOOO healthy and full of nutrients!





black pepper


boil some cauliflower and spinach, for around 40 minuets till soft and all water evaporates. IMG_8143

mash them with a fork

add some low-fat milk to soften,

add black pepper or any other herbs you like 🙂

it really was so satisfying, and much healthier than mashed potatoes with an even better taste! REALLY RECOMMEND IT, it’s now one of my favorite winter dinners!


13 Dec

salad is probably the healthiest thing you can have, for lunch, dinner and its quite filling. 

however, if you’re not imaginative enough or just don’t have the time and energy to shop for new veggies and find some new combinations to make new salads, you’ll eventually get bored. 

and boredom, is the worst way to prevent yourself from eating what is healthy! 

so here’s a simple salad with only 4 ingredients that i absolutely love! 

it’s so filling, you don’t feel like you ate “just” a salad and therefore don’t feel the urge to eat anything else after, 

i didn’t put a lot of seasoning as for me it doesn’t make a difference and only adds more unnecessary calories, 

however i did add one tablespoon of olive oil. 

This morning in biology class we were learning about the good and bad fats, and how fats from plants actually remove the bad animal fats that are in our body, one tablespoon of olive oil therefore is actually healthy for you!! 






crab stick 



olive oil 

–> just mix all the ingredients, squeeze some fresh lemon on top. ( i like a lot of lemon to give it some extra flavor!)  and you’re done! 

coming up with new salads is just a matter of giving it a bit of thought, and you have yourself a colourful piece of art, that’s most importantly healthy and nutritious! ImageImage


12 Dec

ImageImageI used to find it sooo weird and disgusting how people can have pizza with pineapple. 

it used to be stuck in my head that pineapple was a fruit, its sweet and can’t be eaten as proper “food” with anything savory. 

well, that’s where i was completely and absolutely wrong and i really wish i can go back to every time we ordered pizza and  i used to take the pineapples out. (what was i thinking?!) 

so, i decided to make a healthy/breakfast substitute 

with something cheesy and pineapply.

 for a base, i used one egg, mixed with a bit of milk and two tablespoons of oatmeal. 

(you can just make a normal omlette and use two eggs instead to make it a bit bigger) 

on top i added pieces of halloumi cheese and pineapple. make sure they are thin so they can become soft and melt easier. 

that’s basically it. 

i finally got a little taste of what a pineapple pizza tastes like. 

healthy non-bake chocolate cookie!

11 Dec

i love cookies. 

cookies are the only reason i hate being healthy. 

especially chocolate-chip cookies. with some tea. in the winter. wearing a warm jumper. 

i have this belief that everything can be transformed to be healthy. with a little tweaking and changing up the ingredients. it might not be exactly the same, but for me, i enjoy it just as much. 

and now, cookies have been added to that healthy category too

and what’s even better is that they are non-bake!! 

i had them for breakfast and made them the night before, left them in the fridge overnight and they were absolutely delicious! 


1/2 cup oatmeal

5 tablespoons milk 

1/2 teaspoon hot chocolate powder

1 tablespoon peanut butter 


heat the milk and mix it with the chocolate powder as if making hot chocolate. 

mix the oatmeal and the peanutbutter. flatten out on a plate, and put in the fridge. Image


8 Dec

Sometimes, we may see one ingredient so boring and just eat it the same way every time, and that happens to me a lot, especially with vegetables, i seem to place them in a box and feel like they can only be eaten boiled or with rice an eventually get bored of them and once you’re bored of something, it’s nearly impossible to get yourself to eat it again. 

so i decided to give myself a little challenge, i asked my mum to buy LOTS AND LOTS of spinach and it was time to get creative, think outside of the box and make finger-licking spinach meals that you will never get bored of, and so the imagination began and here’s what i came up with for the last week. 

wether it was for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner, spinach was one of the ingredients in what i ate and now i absolutely love it! 


SPINACH + Banana + yogurt smoothie 

spinach and cucumber smoothi

spinach and cheese toastie 

–> one time i used halloumi cheese and loved the saltiness 

—> another time i used low-fat edam cheese which melted really easily. 

SPINACH, and tomato omelet ImageImage 



3 Dec

One of my favorite new elements to use in my light dinners is…*drum roll* lettuce!

It’s so exciting that lettuce actually has NEGATIVE CALORIES and i think if it wasn’t healthy i would probably be craving it as i crave chocolate sometimes.

it’s so crunchy, and can go with nearly anything you eat it with so you NEVER GET BORED, there’s always new ways to eat lettuce and that’s what makes it so much more easier to try eating as much as you can,

it’s a good way to fill yourself up with something like lettuce which is very healthy, and that way you won’t feel hungry and eat more of something which is more fattening.

these past three days i’v had lettuce for my dinner but each time i ate it differently, and i’m sure there’s so many other ingredients you can mix it with and have yourself an amazing little healthy dinner.

for me, it was sort of like a substitute to bread, instead of having a grilled chicken sandwich i rolled the chicken with some lettuce, or turkey rolled in lettuce.

bread can be good, when its whole wheat and when you eat it in moderation, but sometimes when you feel you’ve eaten too much bread for that day and still want a “sand-witchy” quick and easy to make dinner, there’s ALWAYS s substitute.


so here’s what i had: