What i think about eating disorders and the craziest diets out there!

28 Nov

I came across this article today about the craziest diets people do, and how far people go just to loose weight and to “look good”

I was shocked to see the extent of some of these diets, they’re just tragic and it really started to make me wonder, on how all these problems of eating disorders started…

1.the tapeworm diet 

2.sunlight only diet – so you basically get your “energy” from the sun, a woman died trying to foliow this diet 

3. having a gadget inserted in your tongue to make eating uncomfortable

4.the baby food diet

5.The lemonade diet. 


all these diet is basically starving yourself, not eating properly and not getting  ANY nutrition in your body.

this is not healthy. It’s not even scientifically proven that can make you loose weight.

you’re just messing up your metabolism, your lifestyle and your happiness.

who would want to do such a thing just to “look good”? when there’s such an easier alternative and that is just to eat a healthy balanced diet, with regular exercise where you actually get your nutrition like you’re supposed to because that’s how humans were designed.


i think people have been becoming so self-conscious about how they look and how much they weigh and food has started to become controlling them rather than them controlling food.

wether its starving yourself which can lead to anorexia, or bulimia or binge eating which can lead to obesity.

all these eating disorders are caused because of people’s lack of control.

yes staying healthy and fit and thin is great! but do it in a way where YOU control it and not food controls you!

More and more people are finding these diets completely normal, people are taking them for granted and not doing anything about them, people who suffer from eating disorders may not even admit to themselves that they have a problem. if you don’t know there’s a problem how can you solve it? The world may not realize how serious eating disorders actually is, and how many deaths or depressions it causes every year; it’s a problem that really needs to be put out there and talked about, because its us who started it in the first place, setting standards, and causing people to feel pressurized about how they look rather than how they feel. wanting to be thin should be to feel good not to show to others that you’re skinny like models out of a magazine.

The fact that i’m so obsessed with healthy eating sometimes worries me, that i might sometimes take it a step too far, that in a few years time i may start doing these crazy diets. but the shock that  had from just reading about them made me realize how tragic the problem is, and we must help anyone out there who thinks this is normal!


One Response to “What i think about eating disorders and the craziest diets out there!”

  1. Laura November 29, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    I just published a book on my experiences with anorexia nervosa! Hope you’ll check it out 🙂 http://www.laurasusanneyochelson.com

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