TEA OR COFFE? are the myths true?

23 Nov

winter is here and there’s nothing better than to wake up and have a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, another one in the evening and maybe even one before going to bed while you’re snuggled up. 

But, while they both contain caffeine, is it healthy to have these hot drinks that we take for granted? 


so I  decided to research and here’s the science of tea and coffee. are the myths true? 

COFFEE – i personally try not to have too much coffee as i’m still young and don’t want to be addicted to the caffeine. but when i really need to wake up it is my only solution. 

so, coffee has 80-180mg of caffeine per cup. 

i was so relieved to read that coffee stunting your growth and giving you heart disease or stomach cancer are all a myth

instead it can help prevent alzheimer’s, heard disease and parkinson’s as well as liver and breast cancer.

for all those that suffer from asthma it also helps ease asthma attacks. 


my personal favorite was that it increases energy expenditure so it actually makes you burn calories FASTER! 


but of course, too much of anything will have a bad effect and if you rely too much on coffee you may suffer from insomnia anxiety or restlessness. 


TEA – there’s so many kinds of teas and each one has its own benefits.


The most common two are green and black tea. 


green tea is mostly known for it’s “healthiness” it prevents breast lung and stomach cancer, reducs the chance of a stroke 

it also BURNS FAT and improves cholesterol levels. 


black tea is the most consumed tea and is the highest in caffeine however is the best at cancer prevention


so, enjoy your winter by having plenty of these hot beverages and forget about the myths, but remember have them in moderation and don’t go as far as relying on them to the point where you can’t function! 


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