A Healthy Surprise

17 Nov

i always love surprising my family with a little meal. either for breakfast and lunch. i like setting up the table and making it look nice and colorful; i probably get it from my dad who also loves to get creative with food.

whenever we go to a restaurant, whatever we have he’ll always mix different ingredients and cook the exact same thing the next day at home. I know that not a lot of Dads cook especially not the ones who are, like mine, busy with their jobs, and i like that it’s different with mine. I really do love his cooking, except for the part that its unhealthy. But the amount of time i spend talking about health with my family has actually influenced them as well, they may not be health-mainiacs ilke me but they know that if they do do a healthy meal, it will always put a smile on my face and i will enjoy it, that little bit more.

Yesterday, after a four hours of dance practice, i come home to find this on the table.

it was so sweet and it looked so pretty and it’s the perfect meal to have after exercise, you need your energy but you won’t be putting back all these calories you just lost by eating something unhealthy and fattening.

surprises will always put a smile on anyone’s face. especially healthy ones 😉


The secret is, if you prepare little snacks like this beforehand and just have them sitting in the fridge, whenever you get hungry their right there in front of you and you can nibble on them rather than opening the drawers and searching for biscuits and chocolates.

cut up some cucumbers and peppers in the morning and see the difference it makes.


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