Eat more, weigh less – the secret to loosing weight.

12 Nov

The secret to loosing weight. 

1.Eat more, Weigh less. 

a lot of people who go on diets have it tattooed in their brains that food is the enemy. well, the good news is its not. 

it’s the choices we make that will effect our weight but the best choice is never to starve yourself. 

there’s so many healthy foods out there that people do not enjoy just because they are blinded by fast food restaurants or just because their simply used to routine, a bit of change is always good for the body. 

The word diet doesn’t have to automatically lead to  – celery stick. 

first of all to boost your metabolism you should eat a lot of smaller portions all through the day. 

be creative, find foods that you like and mix and match, wether putting it in the oven or blending it to make a smoothie or just a good old sandwich or salad. 


Although, that’s not much of a secret people always underestimate the power that exercise can have on you. 

after going jogging a few times and seeing no change in your body most people automatically give up. 

Get a friend and motivate each other. it’s going to take time to see a change but working out even if it’s going on a 20 minuet jog a day is not only going to make you more lean but will make you feel healthier, stand taller, better posture and basically fitter. 

As human beings, we absolutely love routine. it’s just the way our brain works if were meant to be doing something then we do it. i guarantee that if you force yourself to get up get your gym clothes on and go for a jog everyday for 1 week with no excuses, then you will find it hard to ever stop. 

after you work-out your metabolism is working at a much faster rate. the more muscle you have in your body the more calories you burn every minuet by doing literally nothing. muscles should be our new best friend. 

Staying healthy and maintaining your weight is easier than people make it out to be. no need to do all these fancy  “no food” diets. 

the meaning of healthy isn’t thin. it’s to look good and FEEL good, it’s not meant to be torturing us but helping us have a happier lifestyle. So use it and don’t abuse it. 🙂


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