8 Nov

winter is finally here. 

In cyprus today was the official day that we actually felt the need to get our hoodies out and drink some hot tea while listening to the rain drizzling from outside the window. don’t you just love winter? 

till last week i thought we were going to be sunbathing on christmas day and so it’s a big relieve that winter decided to finally make an appearance. 

there’s only one small problem about winter. the cold and cosiness makes you want to snuggle up, drink some hot chocolate and munch on chocolate chip cookies all day without doing anything else. 

before we get into the habit, we need to find some healthy alternatives to have ‘cosy days in.’ 










1.remove the core from the apple so they look like little bowls. a separate bowl, mix oats, honey,crushed almonds and cinnamon. 

3.put mixture inside the apples in oven. and remove when their soft. 


during summer i usually munch on any fruit i find in the fridge but when its cold i always fancy something warm and will always end up being something unhealthy from the cupboard. if you quickly mix this up it’s the perfect thing to have on a cold winter night. 





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