DAY 1 – boost your metabolism diet plan

7 Nov

Day 1 went quite well, i didn’t go with the diet exactly but took the main ideas and improvised it to make it my own!

breakfast – oats with cinnamon blended with banana and green tea!

this was a great breakfast, easy and quick to make and really kept me full for the rest of the day at school!

lunch (is my main meal, some people prefer to have a big meal for dinner so you can swap that around) – scallop with broccoli and high-fibre bread. (you can also add sweet potatoes)

snack – greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey for she flavor and 1/2 cup almonds. (i didn’t have almonds so i had it with an apple instead)

dinner – tuna bean and feta sandwich in high-fibre bread. and green tea!

the most important thing is to know the basics about how to improve your metabolism.

things such as green tea, a square of dark chocolate, fibre gives you a high metabolism as well as eating many small meals.

so even if following a certain plan you can still change it around as long as you’re getting the same nutritions and a proper substitute for whatever you change.


One Response to “DAY 1 – boost your metabolism diet plan”

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