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What i think about eating disorders and the craziest diets out there!

28 Nov

I came across this article today about the craziest diets people do, and how far people go just to loose weight and to “look good”

I was shocked to see the extent of some of these diets, they’re just tragic and it really started to make me wonder, on how all these problems of eating disorders started…

1.the tapeworm diet 

2.sunlight only diet – so you basically get your “energy” from the sun, a woman died trying to foliow this diet 

3. having a gadget inserted in your tongue to make eating uncomfortable

4.the baby food diet

5.The lemonade diet. 


all these diet is basically starving yourself, not eating properly and not getting  ANY nutrition in your body.

this is not healthy. It’s not even scientifically proven that can make you loose weight.

you’re just messing up your metabolism, your lifestyle and your happiness.

who would want to do such a thing just to “look good”? when there’s such an easier alternative and that is just to eat a healthy balanced diet, with regular exercise where you actually get your nutrition like you’re supposed to because that’s how humans were designed.


i think people have been becoming so self-conscious about how they look and how much they weigh and food has started to become controlling them rather than them controlling food.

wether its starving yourself which can lead to anorexia, or bulimia or binge eating which can lead to obesity.

all these eating disorders are caused because of people’s lack of control.

yes staying healthy and fit and thin is great! but do it in a way where YOU control it and not food controls you!

More and more people are finding these diets completely normal, people are taking them for granted and not doing anything about them, people who suffer from eating disorders may not even admit to themselves that they have a problem. if you don’t know there’s a problem how can you solve it? The world may not realize how serious eating disorders actually is, and how many deaths or depressions it causes every year; it’s a problem that really needs to be put out there and talked about, because its us who started it in the first place, setting standards, and causing people to feel pressurized about how they look rather than how they feel. wanting to be thin should be to feel good not to show to others that you’re skinny like models out of a magazine.

The fact that i’m so obsessed with healthy eating sometimes worries me, that i might sometimes take it a step too far, that in a few years time i may start doing these crazy diets. but the shock that  had from just reading about them made me realize how tragic the problem is, and we must help anyone out there who thinks this is normal!


Fresh of Frozen?

27 Nov

In the winter, i always fancy something warm at night and the healthiest and easiest thing that comes to mind that feels like “real food” for a light dinner are boiled vegetables.

beans, carrots, peas and corn. easy, quick and delicious.

they’re always there in the freezer and all you have to do is boil them.

but are frozen vegetables actually healthy and do they still contain all the nutrients?


There was a small paragraph about it in my biology book and i was really surprised by what i read so i decided to find out more.


well, after some research i was pleasantly surprised to find out that frozen vegetables actually have more nutrients than fresh ones! (which was what i originally read in my science book)


the frozen vegetables are processed at their peak ripeness, so they have the most nutrients at the time, once they’re frozen these nutrients will be preserved.

fresh or canned fruits on the other hand, will go bad and loose their nutrients in the transportation process and by the time you consume them.


fresh fruits and vegetables are also picked up and shipped before they are fully ripe and therefore don’t contain as much nutrients.


so frozen fruits and vegetables are just as good, and especially for winter they can come in really handy when you need something warm to fill you up. i also personally feel that when you have a small portion of boiled vegetables you automatically feel full (i just scoffed down a cup while writing this blogpost ;p ) and you don’t feel the need to go to the fridge every 5 minuets waiting for something indulging to munch on.

5 calories cinnammon meringue!

26 Nov

when i saw this recipe i absolutely fell in love!

i was so excited to do it, i was so busy yesterday but decided to make time to do this awesome recipe!

so each little meringue is only 5 calories!

i love meringue and i love anything crunchy

so this is the perfect snack for me to munch on!

2 eggs whites

1/4 teaspoon cinnammon

1/4 teaspoon cardamon

1/8 teaspoon ground ginger

3 tablespoons brown sugar

lemon juice

beat egg whites and orange juice, then add spices and sugar one tablespoon at a time.

once the meringue looks stiff place in oven of 300 degrees for around 20 minuets

so, we’d just bought a new oven and it doesn’t have the temperatures on it, it was the first time we try using it, and so my little meringues were the victims who burnt in the hell of fire 😦

i couldn’t try them but I’m sure they would have turned out amazing and been my new favorite treat,

so whenever i have time again i shall try to remake them.

let me know how yours turned out 🙂 

TEA OR COFFE? are the myths true?

23 Nov

winter is here and there’s nothing better than to wake up and have a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, another one in the evening and maybe even one before going to bed while you’re snuggled up. 

But, while they both contain caffeine, is it healthy to have these hot drinks that we take for granted? 


so I  decided to research and here’s the science of tea and coffee. are the myths true? 

COFFEE – i personally try not to have too much coffee as i’m still young and don’t want to be addicted to the caffeine. but when i really need to wake up it is my only solution. 

so, coffee has 80-180mg of caffeine per cup. 

i was so relieved to read that coffee stunting your growth and giving you heart disease or stomach cancer are all a myth

instead it can help prevent alzheimer’s, heard disease and parkinson’s as well as liver and breast cancer.

for all those that suffer from asthma it also helps ease asthma attacks. 


my personal favorite was that it increases energy expenditure so it actually makes you burn calories FASTER! 


but of course, too much of anything will have a bad effect and if you rely too much on coffee you may suffer from insomnia anxiety or restlessness. 


TEA – there’s so many kinds of teas and each one has its own benefits.


The most common two are green and black tea. 


green tea is mostly known for it’s “healthiness” it prevents breast lung and stomach cancer, reducs the chance of a stroke 

it also BURNS FAT and improves cholesterol levels. 


black tea is the most consumed tea and is the highest in caffeine however is the best at cancer prevention


so, enjoy your winter by having plenty of these hot beverages and forget about the myths, but remember have them in moderation and don’t go as far as relying on them to the point where you can’t function! 

ADVENT CALENDAR – to stay fit and healthy for the holidays!

21 Nov

It’s nearly december, and that means we’re going to be starting to use the C word aloooot!

I don’t know what it is about the christmas season, it may be the warm weather or the celebratory feeling or just our idea of christmas we seem to always think of food, sweets and chocolate!

first signs of that are going to start on the 1st of december, when everyone is going to get they’re advent calendars and start to eat each treat day after day wether its chocolates, biscuits, or anything else that sounds tempting and delicious.

what to do then? while everyone is running around trying to find the best advent calendars with the most mouth-watering chocolates.

i sat down and made my own calendar.

sorry for the lack of creativity or artistic skills, but with lack of time and plenty of school art work to do piling up, the main aim of making this advent calendar was for the concept so feel free to make it look prettier and more christmasy 🙂

i don’t know how i got the idea, but instead of eating a chocolate each day, you will have a work out exercise to do; wether its crutches, squats or sit-ups. while everyone else is stuffing their face before the holidays we will be doing the exact opposite. It’s going to be like our own motivation and count down to loose even more weight till the holidays and then we won’t regret having that piece of mince pie that we’ve been looking forward to because after all it is christmas. Then, let’s see who’s going to feel happier on christmas and new year’s day. 🙂

NO BAKE peanut butter balls!

18 Nov

Whenever you feel you need something to nibble on, you can mix this, stick it in the fridge for about an hour and you have yourself an awesome treat!

A Healthy Surprise

17 Nov

i always love surprising my family with a little meal. either for breakfast and lunch. i like setting up the table and making it look nice and colorful; i probably get it from my dad who also loves to get creative with food.

whenever we go to a restaurant, whatever we have he’ll always mix different ingredients and cook the exact same thing the next day at home. I know that not a lot of Dads cook especially not the ones who are, like mine, busy with their jobs, and i like that it’s different with mine. I really do love his cooking, except for the part that its unhealthy. But the amount of time i spend talking about health with my family has actually influenced them as well, they may not be health-mainiacs ilke me but they know that if they do do a healthy meal, it will always put a smile on my face and i will enjoy it, that little bit more.

Yesterday, after a four hours of dance practice, i come home to find this on the table.

it was so sweet and it looked so pretty and it’s the perfect meal to have after exercise, you need your energy but you won’t be putting back all these calories you just lost by eating something unhealthy and fattening.

surprises will always put a smile on anyone’s face. especially healthy ones 😉


The secret is, if you prepare little snacks like this beforehand and just have them sitting in the fridge, whenever you get hungry their right there in front of you and you can nibble on them rather than opening the drawers and searching for biscuits and chocolates.

cut up some cucumbers and peppers in the morning and see the difference it makes.

FROYO – banana, raisins and walnuts

15 Nov

you know that feeling you get when you’re eating chocolate cake or your favorite ice-cream and you can just NEVER find the will to put your spoon down. each spoonful makes you want more and more and you just forget about everything else around you except for that piece of awesomeness in front of you.

The main aim of this blog is to have that feeling but with something healthy. now i always make little healthy snacks and i really do enjoy them. but i never feel the urge to lick the plate and demand more. until now.

i truly enjoyed this snack so much, i had half what i made before even putting it in the freezer and i really hope it satisfies your sweet tooth too.

1 cup yogurt

1 banana

1/4 cup raisins

1/4 cup walnuts

put all in the blender and blend,

put in the fridge for 2 hours.

and you have the most amazing FROYO ever! 😀

Black Bean Brownies. (are they as good as normal brownies?)

14 Nov

so everyone knows me as the girl who would go to any extreme to turn anything into healthy.

sometime i may mix the most gruesome things together and form something which i would love (although some of my friends refuse to try it i secretly think they want to) but this brownie recipe really scared me when i first read it.

black beans and chocolate?

brownies are my absolutely favorite sweet thing ever ever ever!

and my kit-kat brownie recipe is to die for, but i’m only allowed to have that on christmas and my birthday, i don’t even want to calculate the amount of calories each brownie contains.

but this, well it just doesn’t sound right. But, as this is supposed to be my second nature, or the my god-given gift? (mixing gruesome things together, that is) i decided to give it a go.


you can imagine the expression on my mum’s face when i told her.

i asked her to buy me  a can of black beans and didn’t tell her why, if i had before I’m pretty sure she would have never let a can of black beans to ever enter our house.


1/2 cup cocoa powder

2 eggs

1/2 can black beans

1tsp baking powder


1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup chocolate chip.

mix everything in the food processor and put in oven for around 20 minuets at 350 degrees F


so was it a huge fat disaster?

yes. i decided to be clever and didn’t add the sugar or the chocolate chips to make it even healthier. the chocolate smelt absolutely amazing and the problem was NOT (very surprisingly) with the black beans. although everyone else (who didn’t even try it) insisted that the problem must be using black beans, however i think with more sugar or even honey these brownies wouldn’t be half bad. just don’t make my mistake.

Eat more, weigh less – the secret to loosing weight.

12 Nov

The secret to loosing weight. 

1.Eat more, Weigh less. 

a lot of people who go on diets have it tattooed in their brains that food is the enemy. well, the good news is its not. 

it’s the choices we make that will effect our weight but the best choice is never to starve yourself. 

there’s so many healthy foods out there that people do not enjoy just because they are blinded by fast food restaurants or just because their simply used to routine, a bit of change is always good for the body. 

The word diet doesn’t have to automatically lead to  – celery stick. 

first of all to boost your metabolism you should eat a lot of smaller portions all through the day. 

be creative, find foods that you like and mix and match, wether putting it in the oven or blending it to make a smoothie or just a good old sandwich or salad. 


Although, that’s not much of a secret people always underestimate the power that exercise can have on you. 

after going jogging a few times and seeing no change in your body most people automatically give up. 

Get a friend and motivate each other. it’s going to take time to see a change but working out even if it’s going on a 20 minuet jog a day is not only going to make you more lean but will make you feel healthier, stand taller, better posture and basically fitter. 

As human beings, we absolutely love routine. it’s just the way our brain works if were meant to be doing something then we do it. i guarantee that if you force yourself to get up get your gym clothes on and go for a jog everyday for 1 week with no excuses, then you will find it hard to ever stop. 

after you work-out your metabolism is working at a much faster rate. the more muscle you have in your body the more calories you burn every minuet by doing literally nothing. muscles should be our new best friend. 

Staying healthy and maintaining your weight is easier than people make it out to be. no need to do all these fancy  “no food” diets. 

the meaning of healthy isn’t thin. it’s to look good and FEEL good, it’s not meant to be torturing us but helping us have a happier lifestyle. So use it and don’t abuse it. 🙂