how oats became my best friend…

22 Oct


The first thing that comes to people’s heads whenever i say “oatmeal” is that disgusting soggy thing that people are forced to eat in bootcamp. There’s just this negative picture stuck in people’s head of oats, and i think, as soon as you stop that myth from blinding you; then you will love oatmeal as much as i do!


eating oatmeal, is like an art in its own. there’s so many things you can mix or do it’s just fun to experiment and come up with new ideas every day.


but first, why eat oatmeal?

1. full of fibre – fibre lowers cholesterol and can reduce heart disease by 50%, fibre also improves your immune system and quickly fight off bacteria. stabilize your blood sugar if you have it in the morning, and so lowers risk of diabetes s it slows down the digestion of starch.

3.gluten friendly.

4.contain vitamin E, iron, magnesium, zinc.


and now for the fun bit. how to eat oatmeal without wanting to spit it out?

1. make it with milk and add honey.


2.put it in oven for 10 minuets with a bit of honey and raisins, if you like to nibble on something crispy.


3.quaker oats mixed with 0%fat greek yogurt, you don’t even have to cook it, just mix it together and you have yourself an awesome breakfast!


4.greek yogurt, oats, and fruits. if you feel your taste buds need a bit more sweetness add some fruits to spice things up!


5.oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies.  


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