Pizza with no regrets.

19 Oct

When you come up with something healthy to eat it makes you happy; but there’s an extra thrill that you get when you come transform a junk food full of fat to a healthy meal instead. Personally, first thing i associate pizza with is unhealthy junk food. and whenever i don’t have enough strength to resist it and do scoff down a piece or two of this delicious invention i have to live with the regret for the rest of the week.

I love pizza too much to give it up completely and so i had no other choice but to come up with a healthy version, that tasted just as delicious.

One slice of these to-die-for pizzas is seriously not enough; but with no flour, butter, oil and whatever else they use to make their pizzas in the restaurants (i don’t even want to know) you can eat them with no heartache.


2 eggs

low fat edam cheese

mortadela (with no fat)


tomato sauce. (ketchup or canned)

1.)scramble the eggs.

2.)add tomato sauce as a bade and then pieces of tomato, mortadella and grated cheese. (other ideas: olives, mushrooms, ham, peppers)

3.)cover pan. wait till cheese melts. and eat.


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