No bake. oats, raisins and yogurt bars!

16 Oct


Most cereal bars you can get from the supermarket are ‘dipped in chocolate’, so i thought why try something a little bit more healthy.  what would happen if i dipped it in some yogurt instead…?


quaker oats 

There’s really no amount on how much you should put and that’s the best thing i like about using these ingredients. i prefer not putting too much honey as to decrease the calories but hey, honey’s still good for you! 🙂

mis everything except for the yogurt.

flatten the mixture out in a flat bowl with edges and then spread the yogurt on top. (the layer of yogurt should be around 5-10mm thick)

put in fridge for around 2 hours. and cut in rectangles.

i wasn’t sure if the yogurt was going to freeze well and stick to the mixture but it turned out perfect; only bad thing is you can’t take it with you on picnics, or school as the yogurt will start to melt, but its a perfect snack to have at home 😀


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